Episode 177: Searching for the perfect x-ray image of the Earth

What sets the seismic method apart from other geophysical exploration methods is its ability to deliver three-dimensional high-resolution images of the subsurface. Ramesh (Neelsh) Neelamani traces the history of the seismic method to showcase recent breakthroughs and future advancements.

Neelsh is currently ExxonMobil Senior Principal Geophysics. In this conversation with host Andrew Geary, Neelsh shares the insights he gained tracing the history of seismic resolution. He also spotlights the most recent technological leaps for full-waveform inversion, explains the value of spectral extrapolation, and outlines how disciplines outside geophysics impact seismic resolution.

Neelsh also highlights recent seismic acquisition techniques focused on reducing their environmental impact. This episode is a wide-ranging exploration of seismic resolution based on seven new papers in The Leading Edge.

Seismic Soundoff · 177: Searching for the perfect x-ray image of the Earth

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