Episode 168: The necessity and benefits of mentorship

Cara Hunter and Teresa Santana discuss the value and importance of mentoring for geoscientists.

In this conversation with host Andrew Geary, Cara and Teresa highlight Mentoring365, a program that matches students and early career professionals with Earth and space sciences experts. They explain the need for this program, explore networking in 2023, and offer tips for first-time mentors and mentees. Cara and Teresa also elaborate on the two-way aspect of mentorship and how any professional can build their network. The conversation concludes with a reflection on how mentorship has influenced their career and the value of engaging as a mentor.

Cara Hunter is the Technical Community Engagement Manager at SLB and SEG Women’s Network Chair. Teresa Santana is the Chief Geophysicist, Diversity Officer, and Advisor in Geophysics at YPF S.A. and vice-chair of the SEG Women’s Network.

Seismic Soundoff · 168: The necessity and benefits of mentorship

About Mentoring365

Mentoring365 matches students and early career professionals with experts in the Earth and space sciences (ESS) to exchange ideas, create connections and build a more inclusive ESS community.

Effective mentorship benefits everyone involved. Mentoring365 allows mentees to connect with more than 400 mentors with a wealth of knowledge to help them thrive as ESS professionals. Mentors develop leadership skills while lifting up a younger generation.

To learn more and get started on your mentoring journey, visit https://mentoring365.chronus.com/


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