Episode 160: Honors and Awards 2022 with Öz Yilmaz & Xianhuai Zhu

One of SEG’s great traditions is the special recognition of individuals and organizations for their contributions to geophysics and the Society. In this special episode, we celebrate Öz Yilmaz and Xianhuai Zhu for their Maurice Ewing Medal and Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal honors, respectively.

Bill Abriel opens the episode highlighting the significance of both the Kauffman Gold Medal and the Maurice Ewing Medal. As SEG’s past president and current chair of the Honors and Awards Committee, he also shares what the SEG Honors and Awards mean.

Andrew Geary then speaks with Xianhuai Zhu about how he discovered geophysics and shares four advice items for his colleagues and geoscientists. Öz Yilmaz then joins the show to reflect on his long and significant career, what this honor means, and the principles and perspectives that have helped him continue to be a successful geophysicist.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from the best of the best in geophysics.

Seismic Soundoff · 160: Honors and Awards 2022 w/ Öz Yilmaz & Xianhuai Zhu

About Öz Yilmaz

Öz Yilmaz has been an important and sustained contributor to geophysics throughout his career. He received the SEG Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal (1991) and Honorary Membership (2011). In addition, he is awarded the Maurice Ewing Medal for his deep, broad, and sustained contribution to the science and profession of geophysics. Yilmaz has advanced the profession through his work in areas such as seismic data acquisition (including large-offset recording), seismic data analysis, image-based near-surface modeling, seismic imaging, velocity estimation, and multiple attenuation. He has developed seismic data analysis workflows for near-surface modeling and time-with-depth domain subsurface modeling and imaging for difficult land data in areas with irregular topography, complex near surface, and complex subsurface.

Yilmaz is also a great contributor to the advancement of the profession of applied geophysics through his writing. His first two books, Seismic Data Processing and Seismic Data Analysis, are professional standards that have affected generations of exploration geophysicists worldwide. Yilmaz has devoted the last 20 years to land seismic data acquisition, processing, and near-surface seismology. As a result of research projects and numerous case studies in these fields, he published his third SEG book, Engineering Seismology with Applications to Geotechnical Engineering, and his fourth SEG book, Land Seismic Case Studies for Near-Surface Modeling and Subsurface Imaging.

About Xianhuai Zhu

Xianhuai Zhu has significantly advanced the concepts, developments, and application of solutions to seismic imaging below complex near-surface environments. He received the SEG Life Membership (2018) and Reginald Fessenden (2012) awards. In addition, he is awarded the Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal for his pioneering research and applications of joint tomography using both turning-ray and reflections, which provide a viable tool for the industry to construct near-surface velocity models that are essential for accurate onshore depth imaging in complex geologic settings. Zhu founded Forland Geophysical Services, which has developed and applied a technique for integrated tomography for velocity model building under complex near-surface conditions such as foothills areas and gas-obscured zones. This work has been applied to multiple projects with great success on several continents and in challenging geologic environments, including onshore basins in China, the United States overthrust, the Andes of South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. SEG is proud to award the Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal to Zhu for his significant advancements in applied geophysics.

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