Episode 157: The value and business case for energy efficiency

Olga Nedorub and Diana Sineva preview IMAGE 2022 and the upcoming panel, “Changing The Dynamics Of Energy Use.”

Olga starts with a brief overview of the technical program at IMAGE and how Diana reached out to her to host this panel. Next, Diana explains how energy efficiency is the glue to the current energy transition, the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency, and why attendees should attend the panel. Diana also highlights why 40% of the current energy is wasted, why this estimate is low, and how to improve this number without sacrificing comfort or the bottom line.

In Q3/Q4 2022, SEG will also host a short course on this topic. Details will be announced soon.

Olga Nedorub is G&G Team Lead – Legacy Assets (Permian, Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico) at Apache Corporation and SEG 2020 Technical Program Chair. Diana Sineva is a small business and energy efficiency consultant with over 20 years of experience in the International O&G Exploration industry, focusing on emerging technologies, process optimization, and corporate sustainability.

Seismic Soundoff · 157: The value and business case for energy efficiency

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