Episode 140: Applying seismic to CCUS applications

Amine Ourabah discusses carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) from the January 2022 special section on seismic acquisition in The Leading Edge.

Amine explains why CCUS is at the center of the net-zero-emission conversation, the need for cheaper and easier-to-use technology, and the unique innovations explored in his field trial. This conversation lays out the seismic and technological needs and innovations to move carbon capture and renewable energies forward.

Seismic Soundoff · 140: Applying seismic to CCUS applications

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Amine Ourabah is Head of Processing at STRYDE. His main role is to pass on R&D experience to the new development team, ensure seismic data integrity, provide clients with expertise on HD land seismic acquisition and processing, and lead external technical communications and collaborations to deliver the best quality service to our clients. In parallel, he is building processing capabilities to respond to clients’ demands for faster turnaround and more affordable processing fees, especially in the non-oil and gas industries.


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