Episode 133: The major opportunities and challenges for SEG with Anna Shaughnessy

SEG President Anna Shaughnessy discusses the major challenges and decisions facing the SEG and the geosciences in the years ahead.

In this episode, Anna discusses the recently formed Strategic Options Task Force addressing possible collaboration with other societies. She also highlights the new JEDI Committee (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee), offers words of wisdom to young geoscientists, and showcases the Geophysical Sustainability Atlas and the upcoming Geoscience Sustainability Atlas. Anna also shares what it means to represent SEG in this role and offers what she thinks is the most important question facing SEG. This conversation offers an important look into the meaningful events impacting the SEG and the greater industry.

Seismic Soundoff · 133: The major opportunities and challenges for SEG with Anna Shaughnessy

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Anna Shaughnessy joined in 1980 and has advanced to become a seasoned volunteer leader, driving positive progress within the Society. Previously, she was vice-chair of the SEG Foundation, secretary and treasurer of SEG’s Executive Committee, chair of the Finance Committee, founding member of the Women’s Network Committee, and member of the Distinguished Lecture, SEG Global Inc., and SEG/SEAM Audit committees. In 2019, Shaughnessy was asked by the SEG Board to step in and serve as an interim executive director while SEG was searching for a new executive director, allowing for continuity and a smooth transition.

Shaughnessy received her BS from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her professional career has shaped her into a well-rounded leader by merging managerial and corporate practices with an academic in-depth experience. In summary, Shaughnessy has led complex projects and multicultural teams around the world for Mobil Oil, Saudi Aramco, Texaco, and Kerr-McGee. She has held positions as manager of reservoir characterization, geostatistics, new ventures, and international exploration, to name a few. Her academic insights were developed during her six years as executive director of the Earth Resources Laboratory at her alma mater, MIT. Her combined experience of working in industry and academia has given her a unique perspective regarding key drivers, enablers, and challenges in applied geophysics.

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