Episode 11: Geophysical Electromagnetics – 2017 DISC

Permalink: https://doi.org/10.1190/seismic-soundoff-episode11

2017 Distinguished Instructor Doug Oldenburg, along with Lindsey Heagy, and Seogi Kang, join Andrew Geary to discuss the upcoming 2017 SEG DISC – Geophysical Electromagnetics Fundamentals and Applications.

Dr. Doug Oldenburg is professor of Geophysics, director of the Geophysical Inversion Facility and a world leader in geophysical inversions. Throughout 2017 at locations around the world, Doug will cover applications of electromagnetic geophysics across mining, oil and gas, geotechnical, water and environmental industries.

Lindsey Heagy and Seogi Kang, both PhD candidates at the Geophysical Inversion Facility at the University of British Columbia, will join Doug on the upcoming 2017 DISC tour.

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