Episode 102: Geophysics at the Ends of the Earth

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Les Denham on his new book, Blizzards and Broken Grousers: A Year of Antarctic Glaciology.

Detailing one year of Antarctic field operations in 1970–71 acquiring ice thickness data with radar, gravity, and magnetometer measurements, this book depicts the pioneering spirit of geophysics in the time when field operations spanned the globe. Moreover, the data collected now underpin models of ice behavior used to assess climate change.

Les offers a rare personal account of a scientific journey. This book provides a detailed account of the author’s Antarctic experience in a time before GPS, satellite communications, internet, and even links to Antarctica by air. In this conversation, Les shares the inspiration behind the book, his most memorable field trip in Antarctica, and how the technology he utilized in 1970 can help the geophysicists of today.

Seismic Soundoff · 102: Geophysics at the Ends of the Earth

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Les Denham has worked in geosciences for more than fifty years since graduating from the University of Sydney with a double major in Geology and Geophysics. He has worked on the ground in all seven continents and has worked on data from more than twenty nations. This work has been done for oil companies, service companies, consulting companies, and government organizations. His work has included geophysical data acquisition, geophysical interpretation, prospect development, basin analysis, property evaluation, and risk assessment, as well as research and software development.

Since 2013 he has been an independent geoscientist, with much of his time spent working for Dynamic Measurement LLC. He has published about twenty papers and articles and has been awarded two U.S. patents, with one pending.


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