Episode 100: Top 10 tips for a successful career

Since episode 72, host Andrew Geary has been asking his guests one question – “What is one piece of advice you would offer someone that would like to succeed in this field?” To celebrate 100 episodes of Seismic Soundoff, Andrew has selected the top 10 responses.

Seismic Soundoff · 100: Top 10 tips for a successful career

In reviewing the responses, common themes repeated throughout. These themes included keeping an open mind and staying flexible. Another common lesson was to continue developing your skills and collaborate with others (especially across disciplines). As 2021 begins, the producers hope the advice offered by these top geoscientists provides clarity and insight for your professional career.

Interviews (in order of appearance)

Original music by Zach Bridges.

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This episode was hosted, edited, and produced by Andrew Geary of 51 features, LLC. Thank you to the SEG podcast team: Ted Bakamjian, Jennifer Crockett, Ally McGinnis, and Mick Swiney.
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