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Episode 145: How to successfully interrogate the ground in noisy environments

Chester Weiss discusses the latest research to successfully use geophysical tools at well sites. Chester shares the impact of well infrastructure on geophysical assessment, how to use EM successfully, the challenges of using near-surface, and the applicability of this research in other cluttered environments. Along with our conversation in episode 141 on the life cycle of a well, this episode will help provide the full geophysical picture of working at a well.

Episode 141: Breaking down the life cycle of a well

Sue Carr and Patrick Meroney discuss the life of the well from the February 2022 special section in The Leading Edge. Sue and Patrick discuss the importance of a shared definition of a well, spotlight the most important well component for geophysicists, highlight the five life cycles of a well, and break down why well logs are the key piece for successful drilling. This conversation will help geophysicists better connect their work across the entire production