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Episode 137: How near-surface geophysics protects the world

Klaus Holliger discusses his 2022 Honorary Lecture, “Using Near-Surface Geophysics to Estimate Soil and Rock Physical Properties.” The shallow subsurface contains our drinking water and produces our food, and it is also where we ultimately discharge much of our waste. Recent history has taught us that overuse, let alone abuse, of our environment, may lead to the long-term detriment to our livelihood. The protection and sustainable use of this fragile surficial environment has therefore become

Episode 136: The hidden stories data tell

Joe Dellinger discusses his 2022 Distinguished Instructor Short Course, “Forensic data processing.” Are you a geophysicist that processes seismic data, or someone who uses the processed results of that data? If so, you probably think of seismic data as something that arrives on a tape or “from the cloud.” However, your data also has other, hidden stories to tell – stories that likely were shredded and lost when you chopped the data into traces and

Episode 135: The new paradigms in seismic inversion

Miguel Bosch discusses his Honorary Lecture, “The new paradigms in seismic inversion.” Miguel explains how elastic Full Waveform Inversion and the Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach improve seismic inversion, discusses if data analysis and machine learning are essential to practice inversion, and highlights new tools that will improve the accuracy of inversion. This conversation provides great value and insight into the essential work of inversion. Seismic Soundoff · 135: The new paradigms in seismic inversion