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Episode 185: The current and future outlook for SEG and geophysics

SEG President Ken Tubman discusses the future outlook of SEG and applied geophysics. Ken outlines how SEG could allow greater experimentation, the pros and cons of its current governance structure, and how members can best contribute to SEG's future. This episode not only matters for SEG members and stakeholders and the profession of applied geophysics but provides expertise and guidance for all membership-based organizations.

Episode 183: The importance of SEG regional offices to advance geophysics

Yogaani Bhatia, SEG's Managing Director for International Operations, discusses the value of the SEG regional offices as SEG celebrates over ten years of the Middle East regional office. She explains how geophysics is changing in the Middle East and highlights the similarities and differences between geophysics in the Middle East and China. Yogaani also shares what she's most proud of over the past ten years at the SEG Middle East office and why the regional offices are important to the future success of the SEG and geophysics.  

Episode 176: The secret shortcut to power up your career

Boris Gurevich provides an insider's perspective on the value of expanding your knowledge and awareness of the wide-ranging discipline of geophysics. Boris provides a helpful overview of this often overlooked, free resource. He also shares tips to maximize your engagement and learning and the best ways to get involved, from attendees to companies to lecturers. The Honorary and Distinguished Lectures provide an invaluable resource to the geophysics community and the public. This conversation will provide the shortcut to help you get the most out of it.

Episode 162: How rocks heal

Roel Snieder discusses his 2022 SEG-AAPG Distinguished Lecture, "Measuring variations in the seismic velocity as a diagnostic of rock damage and healing." Roel shows surprisingly that the seismic velocity is not constant at all. It varies with the seasons, temperature, precipitation, and ground shaking. He also discusses how logarithmic healing in rocks is a widespread behavior that is akin in its generality to the Gutenberg-Richter law. Roel also provides insights into the role of spirituality in science and offers actionable tips on preventing burnout. This is a wide-ranging conversation with surprising insights into rocks, as well as how to live a successful life.