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12 Jul 2018

Episode 38: Spotlight on the Mediterranean

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with three authors from the special section highlighting the Mediterranean region in July's The Leading Edge. These authors discuss the latest scientific scholarship and future prospects in the Mediterranean after a record-breaking find in 2015.

Interviewee biographies

Giovanni Rusciadelli is Associate Professor in Sedimentology & Stratigraphy at the University of Chieti and the Founder and Managing Director of Strata Georesearch, a spin-off of the University of Chieti. He is currently interested in seismic modelling of slope-margin systems based on detailed outcrop descriptions.

Peter Shiner is a Senior Geoscience Advisor at Strata Georesearch and has a M.Sc. in sedimentology from the University of London. He is particularly interested in the integration of outcrop and subsurface datasets to reduce subsurface risk in exploitation of carbonate systems.

Hamed El-Mowafy is the Principal Exploration and Production Geoscientist at NeuEra GeoServices in Houston Texas. He has over 25 years of experience in the oil industry and academia, working on various projects in Egypt, United States, Latin America, Canada, Middle East, West Africa and Japan.

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Interviews: Giovanni Rusciadelli, Peter Shiner, Hamed El-Mowafy

Original music by Zach Bridges. 

This episode was hosted, edited, and produced by Andrew Geary. Special thanks to the SEG podcast team: Jennifer Crockett, Beth Donica, Ally McGinnis, Mick Swiney, and Adrienne White. 

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