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22 Dec 2017

Episode 28: Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Permalink: https://doi.org/10.1190/seismic-soundoff-episode28

2018 marks the ten-year anniversary of the SEG Foundation’s Geoscientists Without Borders® program. The program uses the specialized knowledge and technical skills of geoscientists to mitigate natural hazards by connecting universities and industries with local communities. In this episode, we highlight the commitment of Professor Ron Harris, Brigham Young University, and his student, Torri Duncan, to tsunami preparedness in Java, Indonesia. Ron and Torri's Geoscientists Without Borders® project "Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Building Resiliency to Tsunami Hazards by training Indonesian Geoscientists and Local Communities" was first funded in 2016 and is currently in progress. 



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Ron and Torri’s work is important. GWB projects pay it forward and save lives. Support proactive, life-changing, and long-term geoscience projects today. Your gift can be the difference between SEG funding two additional projects in 2018. Through the generosity of several Foundation donors, SEG has a $50,000 GWB Matching Fund this year. Double your impact now with a donation.

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Schlumberger strives to be a unifying force for social and environmental stewardship, and engages in philanthropic activities that reflect the company’s values. As the founding sponsor of Geoscientists Without Borders®, Schlumberger believes in the science of geophysics to affect positive changes in communities facing environmental hardship and natural hazards.

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Audio credits

Interviews: Ron Harris, Torri Duncan, Daniel Horns

Special thanks to Dr. Maya Tolstoy, Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization for providing the recording of the 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

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