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16 Feb 2022

Episode 142: How to technologically scale CCUS

Don Lawton of Carbon Management Canada and Mark Tinker of Quantum Technology Sciences discuss the latest technological advances for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS). In this cutting-edge conversation on the state of technology for CCUS, Don and Mark highlight the need to accelerate the development and implementation of CCUS technologies, illustrate what better carbon storage monitoring technologies would mean for the climate, and outline how to overcome the challenges to scale CCUS. Mark also discusses real-field applications of the latest technology and the unique opportunities Carbon Management Canada offers to develop new tools to address a net-zero emission future.

09 Feb 2022

Episode 141: Breaking down the life cycle of a well

Sue Carr and Patrick Meroney discuss the life of the well from the February 2022 special section in The Leading Edge. Sue and Patrick discuss the importance of a shared definition of a well, spotlight the most important well component for geophysicists, highlight the five life cycles of a well, and break down why well logs are the key piece for successful drilling. This conversation will help geophysicists better connect their work across the entire production chain and support their work in being more useful and practical to others.

03 Feb 2022

Episode 140: Applying seismic to CCUS applications

Amine Ourabah discusses carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) from the January 2022 special section on seismic acquisition in The Leading Edge. Amine explains why CCUS is at the center of the net-zero-emission conversation, the need for cheaper and easier-to-use technology, and the unique innovations explored in his field trial. This conversation lays out the seismic and technological needs and innovations to move carbon capture and renewable energies forward.

20 Jan 2022

Episode 139: Persuading the decision-makers

Laura Bandura discusses her 2022 Distinguished Lecture, "Quantifying the Business Impact of Seismic Technology to Deepwater Exploration." In this practical conversation, Laura and host Andrew Geary showcase how to communicate technological value and your expertise to decision-makers. Laura shares how to tie your work to financial metrics, the power of simplicity and brevity, and how geoscientists can better understand decision-makers. This episode provides a useful practicum to maximize the scientist's knowledge and expertise to make a difference.


12 Jan 2022

Episode 138: The power and pitfalls of modern geostatistical models

Danilo Jotta Ariza Ferreira discusses modern geostatistic methodologies from the December 2021 special section on Latin America in The Leading Edge. Danilo shares how to avoid two common pitfalls in geostatistical modeling, why models are always wrong (but you should still use them), and highlights a few innovations in seismic-based geophysical solutions.

05 Jan 2022

Episode 137: How near-surface geophysics protects the world

Klaus Holliger discusses his 2022 Honorary Lecture, "Using Near-Surface Geophysics to Estimate Soil and Rock Physical Properties." Klaus and host Andrew Geary explore near-surface geophysics using Klaus's Honorary Lecture as a starting point. They discuss the advantages of geostatistical techniques and two approaches to relating easy-to-measure geophysical data to more elusive rock and soil physical properties. This episode showcases the value of near-surface geophysics to the public and highlights cutting-edge techniques to better understand what's happening under our feet.

16 Dec 2021

Episode 136: The hidden stories data tell

Joe Dellinger discusses his 2022 Distinguished Instructor Short Course, "Forensic data processing." The goal of Joe's course - and this conversation - is to get you thinking more critically about your data. How was it recorded? What is in it? What happened to it on the way from the field to numbers in a file? Joe brings his experience, expertise, wisdom, and humor to this essential conversation on data that will be valuable for every geophysicist. Start the new year with the fresh insights presented in this episode.

08 Dec 2021

Episode 135: The new paradigms in seismic inversion

Miguel Bosch discusses his Honorary Lecture, "The new paradigms in seismic inversion." Miguel explains how elastic Full Waveform Inversion and the Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach improve seismic inversion, discusses if data analysis and machine learning are essential to practice inversion, and highlights new tools that will improve the accuracy of inversion. This conversation provides great value and insight into the essential work of inversion.

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