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20 Mar 2023

Episode 181: Seismic's role in geological carbon capture and storage

Geological carbon capture and storage is a critical component of CO2 emission reduction, which aims to alleviate global climate change. In this conversation with host Andrew Geary, Roman Pevzner explains why a subsurface monitoring program is necessary for geological carbon storage and the range of seismic methods used to monitor CO2 storage. Carbon capture and storage will play a major role in the future of geophysics, and this conversation helps demonstrate possible paths.


08 Mar 2023

Episode 180: The power and need for SEG Scholarships

SEG Scholarships encourage the study of geophysics and related geosciences in universities worldwide. In this special episode, we feature two scholarship recipients and the founder of a new Scholarship Program. This episode will leave no doubt of the power of the SEG Scholarships to benefit the Society, geophysics, and individual lives. 

01 Mar 2023

Episode 179: New takes on energy independence and policies

Government policies, incentives, and funding directly impact gains in energy efficiency and energy independence. Diana Sineva and Stephen Brown highlight recent policy changes in the United States and how it impacts the world and the oil and gas sector. This episode explores cutting-edge policy and research to offer a novel perspective on topics that will impact the world for generations.

15 Feb 2023

Episode 178: Why you should consider drone-based geophysics

Dr. Callum Walter discusses the benefits of drone surveys when taking on dirty, dangerous, and demanding jobs. He highlights the similarities and differences compared to other geophysical surveys and the unique difficulties when collecting data by drones. Callum outlines a few case studies currently benefiting from drones, the possibility of rocket-powered drones, and using drones in off-world environments. Callum also offers when drones could be right for your project profile.

08 Feb 2023

Episode 177: Searching for the perfect x-ray image of the Earth

What sets the seismic method apart from other geophysical exploration methods is its ability to deliver three-dimensional high-resolution images of the subsurface. Ramesh (Neelsh) Neelamani traces the history of the seismic method to showcase recent breakthroughs and future advancements. This episode is a wide-ranging exploration of seismic resolution based on seven new papers in The Leading Edge.

01 Feb 2023

Episode 176: The secret shortcut to power up your career

Boris Gurevich provides an insider's perspective on the value of expanding your knowledge and awareness of the wide-ranging discipline of geophysics. Boris provides a helpful overview of this often overlooked, free resource. He also shares tips to maximize your engagement and learning and the best ways to get involved, from attendees to companies to lecturers. The Honorary and Distinguished Lectures provide an invaluable resource to the geophysics community and the public. This conversation will provide the shortcut to help you get the most out of it.

18 Jan 2023

Episode 175: Searching for the perfect digital twin of the seismic reservoir

As highlighted by five papers in The Leading Edge, guest editor Katie Baker explores seismic reservoir modeling. Katie showcases the key technological advancements that unlocked seismic in defining and updating reservoir models and the historical connection between seismic data sets and reservoir modeling. She also explains the power and future of ensemble modeling and spotlights an alternative to the arduous training libraries for machine learning and seismic. 

11 Jan 2023

Episode 174: From the beach to the reservoir - the power of microseismicity

Leo Eisner discusses his Honorary Lecture, "Mapping pore pressure with beach balls." Leo breaks down the perfect audience for this lecture and the insights attendees will take away. Leo highlights how the bad attitude of a manager inspired this talk and what it means to measure data the right way. And Leo explains why improving the understanding of induced seismicity is important. This conversation will showcase the value of asking the right questions and how to maximize the value of microseismicity for geophysical workflows.

05 Jan 2023

Episode 173: Why you need the Gravity & Magnetic Encyclopedic Dictionary

Serguei Goussev discusses his new book, Gravity & Magnetic Encyclopedic Dictionary. Serguei shares his motivation for compiling this resource and the unique format he created for this dictionary. He also highlights a few of his favorite terms and what he hopes this book achieves. This useful and fun conversation highlights a valuable resource for the scientific community that will be on bookshelves for years to come.

14 Dec 2022

Episode 172: Building the next generation of geoscientists

GeoFORCE Program Director Dr. Leah Turner discusses building the pipeline for the next generation of geoscientists. GeoFORCE Texas aims to inspire the next generation of geoscientists, foster increased diversity in the U.S. workforce, and create an increased awareness of the importance of geosciences in the communities the program serves. Leah highlights why this program is necessary, the higher education issues that under-served and minoritized student populations face, and the benefits of expanding the talent base in the geosciences. You will want to hear about this program and how you can help get the next generation excited about geophysics.

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