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07 May 2020

Episode 80: The public and scientific value of near-surface geophysics

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Sarah Morton Rupert, lead author on "Time-lapse monitoring of stress-field variations within the Lower Permian shales in Kansas" in May's The Leading Edge. This conversation is a great primer on the value of near-surface geophysics to scientists and the public. Whether building a house, building a bridge, or remediating an old salt mine, Sarah provides a lot of actionable information in this episode. And if you are wondering the best way to get engaged in the Society, Sarah has you covered there as well.

13 Feb 2020

73: Exploring the last 100 years of reservoir characterization

In this insider's look at reservoir characterization for The Leading Edge, host Andrew Geary speaks with Ali Tura, Professor of Geophysics and Director of the Reservoir Characterization Project at Colorado School of Mines. In this conversation, Ali and Andrew discuss the historical importance of this topic, how the techniques and case studies benefit the industry, why multi-disciplinary teams are essential in today's industry, advice for current and future geophysicists, plus a look at the papers that make up this special section.

16 Jan 2020

Episode 71: New developments with carbon dioxide in the subsurface

In this insider's look at The Leading Edge, host Andrew Geary speaks with Laura Chiaramonte, Technical Leader in the Advanced Generation Sector COCapture and Storage Group at the Electric Power Research Institute. Andrew and Laura discuss TLE's January special section on carbon dioxide in the subsurface. In this engaging conversation, Laura and Andrew discuss the importance of this topic for applied geophysics, key takeaways from each paper, and what one mystery she hopes to solve as a geophysicist.

24 Dec 2019

Episode 70: Celebrating Interpreter Sam with Don Herron

In this special episode, host Andrew Geary brings a longtime SEG member and scribe of the "Interpreter Sam" column - Don Herron - to the podcast to reflect on his 16 years writing for The Leading Edge. The December 2019 issue published the final "Interpreter Sam" column. In this back-and-forth conversation, Don shares the original idea for the column, the best feedback he received, the future of interpretation, what he's most proud of with Interpreter Sam, and so much more. This is a must-listen episode for all interpreters and geophysicists!

06 Nov 2019

Episode 67: The business and technical value of borehole geophysics

In this insider's look at The Leading Edge, host Andrew Geary speaks with Kyle Spikes, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, to discuss TLE's November special section on borehole geophysics. Kyle and Andrew discuss the business value of borehole geophysics, the wide-ranging and practical methods highlighted by the papers, mitigating challenges presented by borehole geophysics, and more. In this conversation, get the inside look at borehole geophysics and the value this month's special section will bring your work. This episode is sponsored by TGS.

10 Oct 2019

Episode 66: The importance and relevancy of AVO inversion in 2019

In this compelling episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Edward Townend, Staff Geophysicist at Shell and Associate Editor for The Leading Edge, to discuss TLE's October special section on AVO inversion. Ed and Andrew discuss why new and experienced geophysicists should take an interest in AVO, how data science and machine learning are improving the technique, the future of AVO in the industry, and much more.

11 Jul 2019

Episode 60: The power and limitations of machine learning and data

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Simon Shaw and Arvind Sharma on July's The Leading Edge that highlights machine learning applications. Simon and Arvind discuss what problems machine learning successfully solves, the requirements and limitations of machine learning, what the next five years hold for the topic, and more.

16 May 2019

Episode 56: Understanding modern rock physics and the future for scientific experiments

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Joel Sarout on May's The Leading Edge exploring rock physics. Joel highlights the nine papers and discusses the common themes and latest advances in this growing topic. He also highlights the case studies from this special section, why new geophysicists should specialize in rock physics, and considers the next advances in rock physics.

02 May 2019

Episode 55: Shrinking uncertainties in the geosciences - an exploration of India

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Satchidananda Rath and Soman Chacko on April's The Leading Edge highlighting the recent oil and gas developments in India. First, Mr. Rath provides an overview of the current geophysical activity in India and where the next advancements might come from. Then Andrew speaks with Dr. Chacko highlighting a few of the eight papers published for this special section, discussing techniques and geophysics utilized in prolific and unexplored basins in India.

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