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01 Apr 2021

Episode 110: Leveraging real-world learning for students and companies

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Mohamed Ahmed on geophysical test sites.

In this conversation, Mohamed highlights the importance of field exercises, why geophysical test sites can act as a competitive advantage, and the many ways test sites can be used by students and companies (for free). This conversation showcases the importance of experiential learning in novel ways.

10 Feb 2021

Episode 105: Why now is the right time for mining geophysics

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Jean Legault on mining geophysics, the featured special section in February's The Leading Edge.

In this conversation, Jean highlights the similarities and differences of mining geophysics with seismic, why now is a great time to be a mining geophysicist, and the growth of machine learning in the field. There's something in this interview for everyone.

22 Jan 2021

Episode 103: One plan to jumpstart the geophysics field

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Emer Caslin on the Geophysical Sustainability Atlas, the featured article in January's The Leading Edge. In this conversation, Emer provides an overview of the Atlas, how individuals and companies can utilize it to create meaningful impact, how professional societies can contribute to the SDGs, and why incorporating the SDGs into strategic planning could support the next generation of geophysicists.

07 Jan 2021

Episode 101: Why geophysics matters for geothermal

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Dr. Whitney Trainor-Guitton on geothermal energy. Whitney provides a great primer on geothermal energy, explores the role of induced seismicity and full-waveform inversion within geothermal, and explains why managers should always use the value of information metric when making decisions. Whether you are new to geothermal energy, seeking to get more involved or consider yourself an expert, you will get something from this episode.

12 Nov 2020

Episode 95: Cutting edge methods to utilize distributed acoustic sensing

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Ariel Lellouch and Tieyuan Zhu on distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), the featured special section in November's The Leading Edge.

Ariel and Tieyuan highlight new developments in algorithms impacting microseismic, new findings for hydraulic fracturing, and discuss their disagreement for the current rate the geophysics industry is adopting and utilizing DAS. This is an exciting conversation on technology that has a wide range of applications for geophysics. Hear the latest in research in 20 minutes!

28 Oct 2020

Episode 94: The case to adjust quicker to machine learning for geophysics

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Mehdi Aharchaou on machine learning and AI, the featured special section in October's The Leading Edge. Mehdi shares his expertise in machine learning and explains why he believes the industry needs to do more to adopt and adjust to the digital revolution. This conversation covers important ground essential for all geophysicists and businesses - do not miss it!

15 Sep 2020

89: Geophysics tools and techniques in high-noise environments

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Steve Sloan on smart city geophysics, the featured special section in September's The Leading Edge. Steve highlights the wide array of papers highlighting the tools and techniques used to achieve the best results in less than ideal environments.  This is a great primer on the near-surface and its value in major population areas.

04 Aug 2020

Episode 88: The historical development and future for Southeast Asia

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Roberto Fainstein on Southeast Asia, the featured special section in August's The Leading Edge. If you are unfamiliar with the geophysical history of Southeast Asia or want to hear the latest research and future for this important region, this episode has you covered.

08 Jul 2020

Episode 85: The next Copernican Revolution and the future of reservoir monitoring

In this episode, special section coordinator David Johnston shares why reservoir monitoring is the specialization for generalists, the future and value of carbon sequestration, and why he believes there is another Copernican Revolution coming. If you are considering specializing in reservoir monitoring, want to learn how to work better with other disciplines, or simply want to hear a great preview of July's The Leading Edge, this episode will meet your goals.

07 May 2020

Episode 80: The public and scientific value of near-surface geophysics

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Sarah Morton Rupert, lead author on "Time-lapse monitoring of stress-field variations within the Lower Permian shales in Kansas" in May's The Leading Edge. This conversation is a great primer on the value of near-surface geophysics to scientists and the public. Whether building a house, building a bridge, or remediating an old salt mine, Sarah provides a lot of actionable information in this episode. And if you are wondering the best way to get engaged in the Society, Sarah has you covered there as well.

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