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02 Sep 2021

Episode 125: Memorable moments from 5 years of Seismic Soundoff

The microphone gets turned on the host and the co-founder of Seismic Soundoff in this special episode celebrating 5 years of the show. SEG Associate Executive Director Ted Bakamjian speaks with Andrew Geary and co-founder Isaac Farley on the inspiration behind the podcast, their most memorable episodes, and their favorite takeaways from working on the show.

15 Jul 2021

Episode 121: Solving the seismic wave attenuation problem

Nimisha Vedanti highlights her Honorary Lecture on understanding seismic wave attenuation mechanisms. Nimisha explains how she discovered the problem of seismic attenuation, why seismic attenuation is one of the least understood physical mechanisms, practical takeaways from her lecture, and highlights from two real-world case studies. 

01 Apr 2021

Episode 110: Leveraging real-world learning for students and companies

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Mohamed Ahmed on geophysical test sites.

In this conversation, Mohamed highlights the importance of field exercises, why geophysical test sites can act as a competitive advantage, and the many ways test sites can be used by students and companies (for free). This conversation showcases the importance of experiential learning in novel ways.

17 Dec 2020

Episode 99: Unlock your interpretations with diverse datasets

Dr. Lucy MacGregor highlights her 2021 Distinguished Lecturer talk, "Multi-physics analysis: extracting the most from diverse datasets." In this incisive conversation, Lucy shows how combining datasets can compensate for weaknesses in each, how utilizing gravity data improves the seismic image, the biggest obstacle in utilizing datasets, and more. This episode will get you excited to start working with multiple datasets to improve your results.

08 Dec 2020

Episode 98: Finding hidden geology using new techniques

Dr. Saleh A. Al-Dossary highlights his 2020 Honorary Lecturer tour, "Improving reservoir characterization using four innovative seismic technologies." In this intriguing conversation, Saleh explores four new techniques to extract new geologic information from seismic data and to enhance the understanding of geologic features in a reservoir. This episode will inform you of the latest technology with a goal to improve hydrocarbon exploration and data processing.

24 Nov 2020

Episode 97: How to start 2021 successfully

Andrea Crook, President of OptiSeis Solutions Ltd., joins the podcast to discuss how to take full advantage of online learning and continuing education. Andrea shares the learning resources supporting her professional development, the activities she considers essential for all geophysicists, how her company has adjusted during the pandemic, and the future of geophysical software.

23 Jun 2020

Episode 83: Petition for a Robust Anti-Racism Plan for the Geosciences with Hendratta Ali

On June 5, 2020, Hendratta Ali released the "Call for a Robust Anti-Racism Plan for The Geosciences" petition. In this conversation with Andrew Geary, Dr. Ali discusses how the petition originated, what it means for a professional society to be anti-racist and equitable for all members, her personal experiences of racism in the geosciences, and concrete steps organizations can take to better support Black, Indigenous, Latinx People and other minoritized groups in the geosciences.

04 Jun 2020

Episode 82: The present and future of training and education with Kurt Marfurt

Seismic Soundoff is excited to welcome back Kurt Marfurt. For this conversation, Kurt highlights the present state of education and training in geophysics, including the value and benefits of virtual education. He shares his thoughts on the most important area of focus for geophysicists right now, why there's a need to increase your quantitative and programming skills and offers his one piece of advice to succeed in geophysics.

23 Apr 2020

Episode 79: Developing biogeophysics and the search for life with Estella Atekwana

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with biogeophysics pioneer Estella Atekwana. Their conversation highlights Estella's upcoming virtual course called "Biogeophysics: Exploring Earth’s subsurface biosphere using geophysical approaches." Estella explains how geophysical tools helped develop biogeophysics, why microorganisms play such a key role on the Earth, how her research applies to the search for life on other planets and why flexibility is the key to a successful career.

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