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Calling all Artists to the IMAGE ’23 Art Show

Show off your skills at the largest gathering of geoscientists in the world. This is an open call to all members of AAPG and SEG, IMAGE volunteers, and participants to submit their visual art, photography, sculpture, textile, film, and ceramics for consideration into the IMAGE Art Show held at the third annual International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy (IMAGE) from 28–31 August 2023 in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Please submit your photos and

Geoscience in Action: Advancing Sustainable Development is now an open-access resource

Geoscience in Action: Advancing Sustainable Development now is available for download as an open-access resource from UNESCO and AGU. The report was inspired by the mapping exercise conducted for the creation of the Geophysical Sustainability Atlas published in The Leading Edge by Capello et al. in January 2021. The authors of the expanded work, led by Maria Angela Capello, formed a multicultural, multipractitioner, and multisector team. The work’s summary states that it “seeks to inspire geoscientists everywhere

‘It All Relies On Geophysical Data’

E&P, 1 November 2017 “Geophysical data are a part of everything that we do,” Stephen Greenlee, president of ExxonMobil Exploration Co., told a roomful of people gathered for the opening session of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists International Exposition and Annual Meeting in September.