SEG Ukrainian Support Task Force

In response to the war in Ukraine, SEG President Anna Shaughnessy has formed the SEG Ukrainian Support Task Force. The Task Force is composed of the following members:

  • Brandy Hawkins – Chair
  • Sven Treitel
  • Michael Burianyk
  • Arthur Cheng
  • Gustavo Carstens
  • Annabella Betancourt – Staff Liaison

The SEG Ukrainian Support Task Force will focus on humanitarian efforts to assist our Ukrainian members. The task force will work quickly to identify and recommend constructive actions to help our Ukrainian members and students during this difficult time. The task force will consider varied efforts and programs that include continued education, membership registration waivers and waived fees for online workshops, lectures and webinars. The task force will present its recommendations to the SEG board within the next three weeks for consideration and potential action.

SEG remains gravely concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian tragedy that continues to worsen. We stand in solidarity with our members, their families and others who have been impacted.

The death, destruction and displacement that have taken place is tragic, and we hope for an immediate peaceful resolution to the war.

We will continue to support our members throughout this crisis to every extent possible. We hope to keep lines of communication open among all of our members so that we can continue to foster scientific and technological collaboration across nations.

We ask the members of our Society and the greater scientific community to act now to foster peace in Ukraine and to restore the wellbeing of those impacted by these terrible actions.