“The SEAM corporation holds a unique position within different geo industries because of its highly realistic synthetic subsurface models. To ensure that these datasets, which are a core asset of the SEAM group, are archived safely, remain accessible, and stay compatible with current and future computer architectures, the Board of Directors has decided to engage into a co-operation with Houston based company Advanced Geophysical Technology. AGT combines the technical and commercial expertise to help SEAM not only with its data storage and transfer to clients but also to promote and market the various subsurface models and challenges.”

AGT has extensive knowledge of the SEAM products and has been involved in much of the development of deliverables in our projects. This knowledge will allow AGT to be able to assist consumers with their data needs. AGT will be a full-service partner in recommending, determining, and fulfilling any individual’s or company’s data needs.

AGT is a growing Houston-based seismic imaging company, established in 2010, that is revolutionizing seismic imaging. From our inception as a developer of innovative GPU-based seismic imaging algorithms, we have evolved into a complete seismic processing and imaging provider that uses world-class computing power and proprietary algorithms to develop high-resolution 2D/3D seismic volumes. AGT has deployed this technology and services in various regions of the world. AGT has a complete suite of proprietary applications built on a newly developed robust seismic imaging system, NovaSeis, suitable for all types of marine and land 2D/3D/4D acquisition configurations, such as NAZ/MAZ/WAZ, streamer and nodal, including simultaneous recording techniques.

AGT’s mission is to invest in leading-edge seismic imaging technologies using proprietary algorithms that help support oil and gas companies’ exploration and development efforts. AGT holds several patents with novel implementations in the geoscience space with a focus on high-quality, cost-effective solutions to ensure our clients receive the best results on time. AGT’s technologies and services help extract more value from data, accelerate project timelines and mitigate financial risks in subsurface exploration and field development. For more information about AGT visit www.agtgeo.com

The SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation‘s mission is to advance the science and technology of applied geophysics though cooperative industry efforts focused on subsurface model construction and generation of geophysical data sets for geophysical problems of importance to the resource-extraction industry. SEAM provides opportunities for companies to share the high cost of model design and data simulation, provides a forum for industry leaders to discuss geophysical problems of common interest, advances the art of modeling and computation by stimulating research and development and provides data sets for industry benchmarks and educational purposes.

SEAM was incorporated as an independent non-profit corporation in February 2007, classified as a 501(c)(6) and solely owed by SEG. SEAM is governed by a Board of Directors with fiscal and operational accountability. Over 80 companies have partnered with SEAM in these projects, which have advanced the industry capabilities in large scale integration of geologic and geophysical modeling. For more information about the SEAM Corporation see the SEG website.

For more information, contact:

SEAM Director of Operations

Shelly Jo Oakley


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