Matching gift opportunities for GWB

We are excited to inform you about a current matching opportunity to benefit GWB!

Two generous donors have recently made contributions through the SEG Foundation to raise additional funding for the current GWB project application award cycle. The intent of these contributions is to match other individual donors’ contributions directed to the GWB Support Fund — doubling the impact to the program. With this opportunity, the GWB Committee will be able to make an additional one or two new project grant awards later this year — aiding hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals in a community in need to solve a humanitarian crisis.

Make your gift online today to the GWB Support Fund or mail your contribution to the SEG Tulsa Business Office (SEG Foundation, 125 West 15th Street, Suite 100, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-3801).

Other Ways to Contribute:

At IMAGE ’21 a number of equipment manufacturing companies expressed interest in collaborating with GWB. Geophysical equipment, for instance, which can be utilized for methods such a resistivity survey for water exploration, is welcomed to assist GWB project leads and their teams with their work. GWB is specifically looking for equipment donors who can also support data acquisition and processing globally. Email us today to discover ways in which your company can help.

In September 2021 GeoScienceWorld (GSW), a nonprofit collaborative and comprehensive resource for research and communications in the Earth Sciences, sought to better understand the needs, preferences, and views of the geoscience community through a five-minute anonymous survey. For every response submitted, they made a donation of $5 to Geoscientists without Borders. This is another way to contribute towards supporting GWB’s global humanitarian projects. Have a survey based contribution to make? Email us today.

Interested in receiving GWB news as it happens? Please visit the SEG Communications Center, and opt-in to “Geoscientists Without Borders®.”