Baker Hughes Foundation continues support for two SEG programs

SEG extends a BIG thank you to the Baker Hughes Foundation for their steadfast support of two of our vital initiatives: the Global Sustainability Lecture and the Geoscientists without Borders (GWB) program. We are deeply grateful for their unwavering dedication and generous contributions.

GWB Global Sustainability Lecture Series

This series addresses applied geoscience methods and community approaches to access safe and clean groundwater to improve living conditions and environments to its residents. Lectures are professionally developed by a current or past GWB Project Investigator (PI) with global experience in carrying out the water and/or disaster risk reduction projects to address a humanitarian need.

Lectures are delivered to a global audience by demonstrating state of the art technologies, innovative methodologies, and low-cost local solutions for benefitting communities through future projects. Learn more about the lecture program.


GWB’s mission is to support the humanitarian application of geosciences worldwide by funding projects that benefit communities in need globally. These communities face environmental hardship and natural hazards due to resource shortages and/or natural and man made disasters.

All GWB funded projects start by identifying a community’s need to solve a critical humanitarian challenge like lack of potable water or landslide hazard. An in-county or international Project Investigator (PI) works with a community representative to introduce the project’s aim and demonstrate how applied geosciences can provide long-term solutions. During the project’s duration several community meetings, a well-planned field expedition, knowledge transfer and both local and international students’ participation takes place. Geosciences experts bring equipment for field work and involve local community members, volunteers and students to acquire, measure, process, and understand the scientific information. This leads to actionable steps for the project’s final execution with sustainable outcomes for the community.

Learn more about GWB and view the impact of past projects.