Announcing the SEG Foundation Alignment Task Force

Hello SEG members,

As part of SEG’s transformation efforts, I’m pleased to announce the formation of the SEG Foundation Alignment Task Force. As previously mentioned, SEG faces significant challenges to our traditional business model. We are addressing those challenges through a transformation of our mindset along with initiatives such as the online community, being nimbler with governance, and looking at new efforts for career development and new sources of revenue. Another key aspect is seamless cooperation with the SEG Foundation and other related entities.

The goal of the new Task Force is to create better alignment between the SEG and the SEG Foundation to advance the sustainable delivery of value to a broader, more engaged group of stakeholders.

The members of the Task Force are:

  • Pete Cramer – Chair
  • Jim White- SEG Executive Director
  • Tony Lupo
  • John Bradford
  • Brandy Hawkins
  • Mike Mellen
  • Neal Goins

David Bartel, Chair of SEG Foundation, and I will keep our respective Boards updated on Task Force activities.

A successful SEG Foundation is imperative as we move forward in transforming SEG. Please join me in thanking the Task Force members for agreeing to help with this effort. I am hopeful that we will see progress in a relatively short amount of time.


Ken Tubman

SEG President