Capacity building in Hydrogeophysics at University of Malawi

Status: Complete

This project aimed to develop the local geoscience capacity in Malawi to provide locally sourced solutions to water resource problems by creating 2-D profiles using ABEM Terrameter 1000 with a 64-channel electrode switch and cable set along with a license for RES2DINV processing software. The project team located water sources for 4 local villages- the area surrounding Mpyupyu Hill (Kimu), the area surrounding Chanda Hill (Jimu and Kuchilimba), and the fishing villages at Kachulu harbor (Likapa) in Southern Malawi. Three Malawi students were trained from organizing stakeholder meetings, through data collection, to well construction.

Project Partners

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Malawi’s Chancellor College and Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS)

UNDSGs Addressed

SDG 4 (Quality Education) SDG6 (Clean water and sanitation for all) and SDG 17 (Partnership for goals)