Geophysics Webinars by the Geophysical Society of Houston

The Geophysical Society of Houston produces a regular series of webinars on pressing topics in the geosciences by some of the most renowned names in geophysics.

Upcoming Webinars

There are no upcoming webinars at this time. Try catching up by viewing one of the recorded webinars below.

Recordings of Past Webinars

The webinars below have been recorded and are available for purchase at the SEG shop. These products are available for online streaming for 30 days from the date of purchase. Presentation slides, downloads, and other materials are only available during the live webinar and are not available with purchase of the recording.

Machine Learning Essentials for Seismic Interpretation

Instructor: Tom Smith
Cross-Discipline Relevant to Geophysics

Extracting Geology from Seismic Data

Instructor: Fred W. Schroeder
Seismic Interpretation Techniques

Basic Seismic Interpretation

Instructor: Don Herron & Bob Wegner
Seismic Interpretation Techniques

Topics in Land Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, and Inversion

Instructor: Oz Yilmaz
Surface Seismic Acquisition Techniques

Seismic Amplitude 20/20: An Update and Forecast

Instructor: Fred Hilterman & Mike Graul
Seismic Processing Techniques, Quantitative Seismic Interpretation/Applications

Introduction to Applied Depth Imaging

Instructor: Ruben D. Martinez
Seismic Migration/Imaging

Affordable S-Wave Reflection Seismology

Instructor: Bob A. Hardage
Seismic Processing Techniques, Seismic Interpretation Techniques

Basics and UPDATES on Anisotropy: Azimuthal P-P for better Imaging, Fractures & Stress Analysis Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation

Instructor: Dr. Heloise Lynn
Surface Seismic Acquisition Techniques, Seismic Processing Techniques, Seismic Interpretation Techniques

Geophysical Signal Processing 101

Instructor: Enders A. Robinson & Sven Treitel
Seismic Processing Techniques

An Introduction to Borehole Acoustics

Instructor: Matthew Blyth
Borehole and Non-Seismic Geophysics

Carbonate Essentials

Instructor: Christopher L. Liner
Cross-Discipline Relevant to Geophysics

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Microseismic Monitoring

Instructor: Peter Duncan
Surface Seismic Acquisition Techniques

Understanding Seismic Anisotropy in Exploration and Exploitation

Instructor: Leon Thomsen
Seismic Wave Propagation/Rock Physics

The Interpreter's Guide to Depth Imaging

Instructor: Scott MacKay
Seismic Migration/Imaging

Beyond AVO to Quantitative Inversion Interpretation QII

Instructor: Bill Goodway
Quantitative Seismic Interpretation/Applications

Seismic Modeling, Migration, and Inversion

Instructor: Bee Bednar
Quantitative Seismic Interpretation/Applications

Applied Azimuthal Anisotropy-Azimuthal 3D P-P Seismic: Why Bother?

Instructor: Heloise Lynn
Surface Seismic Acquisition Techniques, Seismic Processing Techniques, Seismic Interpretation Techniques

Full-Wave Seismic Exploration: Acquisition, Analysis, & Applications

Instructor: Rob Stewart
Surface Seismic Acquisition Techniques

Simplifying and Lowering the Cost of S-Wave Reflection Seismology

Instructor: Bob Hardage
Surface Seismic Acquisition Techniques

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