The SEG community is facing two great challenges: the first is advancing geophysics today by promoting technical innovation and providing professional support to an increasingly global community of members; the second is attracting and inspiring young geoscientists to meet society’s needs tomorrow for leading edge geophysics in an even more resource hungry and environmentally concerned world.

A summary of the focus areas and ideas included in the NextGEO Initiative:

Applied Technology and Innovation

Building Partnerships for Responsible Sustainability

Convening global leading experts to discuss energy transition and needs. Enhancing collaboration with multiple disciplines and sectors. Establishing industry-wide standards and metrics. 

Career Development

Making Geophysicists Future Ready

Reimagining vocational development for future geophysicists. Providing resources and tools for transitioning geophysicists. Partnering on certification programs. 

Next Generation

Fostering our Future Leaders

Re-orientation and new skills training. Peer-to-peer networking and mentor opportunities. Providing a platform for the next generation to convene and lead. 

Humanitarian Impact

Sharing our Positive Social Impact

Growing engagement and pride among the broader scientific community. Celebrating and expanding humanitarian programs like Geoscientists without Borders® (GWB). Enhancing communications to promote geophysics, including public awareness. 


“The ongoing expansion of exploration geophysics from its roots in oil and gas into additional key arenas holds many implications for our profession. We must act now to attract passionate and talented new scientists, provide new professionals with practical learning experiences and resources, advance the professional development of existing professionals, and support geophysicists’ hands-on humanitarian efforts around the world.” 

Michael G. Loudin, 2022 chair, SEG Foundation Board of Directors

We Want to Hear from You

The idea of NextGEO was grown from the feedback acquired from dozens of SEG volunteers and SEG Foundation donors. Your ideas are important to the future of the SEG. To learn more about the current progress of the NextGEO Initiative, share your own thoughts and ideas, or to demonstrate your support through making a contribution, please contact the SEG Foundation directly at [email protected] or donate now online. We look forward to hearing from you!