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16 Oct - 18 Oct 2019
Baku, Azerbaijan
The event will take a look at the changing oil and gas industry throughout the Caspian region and worldwide drawing on regional and international oil and gas professionals expertise and best practice. It is the perfect platform for professional development, unique networking, and the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience among participants. 
17 Oct - 18 Oct 2019
Baku, Azerbaijan
This SEG workshop, to be held at the SPE Caspian Conference, will cover all approaches to building models on all scales – from the basin model where pore pressure prediction from seismic velocities is critical to ensemble modeling, to the use of 4D seismic data to tune the dynamic model.
To be held at the SPE Caspian Conference
29 Oct - 31 Oct 2019
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Focused on "Strengthening Deepwater for the Future," OTC Brasil (Offshore Technology Conference) features a leading technical program on the environmental licensing for offshore projects, and the oil price scenarios perspectives, and what they mean for Brazil.

30 Oct 2019
Houston, Texas, USA
With a focus on geoscience, reservoir characterization, and technology, the Symposium will highlight developments in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Together, technologies are enabling the Digital Transformation of the energy industry, starting upstream where hydrocarbons are found and monetized.
12 Nov - 14 Nov 2019
Dallas, TX, USA
The number of induced earthquakes occurring in the oil and gas producing regions of the Central United States and Western Canada has been declining over the past few years, highlighting the successful implementation of improved regulations and effective operational practices.
13 Nov 2019
On 13 November 2019 the student representatives of the SEG Europe Regional Advisory Committee will host a new virtual conference for students, aimed at helping early-career geoscientists network and share their work in a short-format setting.
This event is free and open to the public via Zoom.
18 Nov - 19 Nov 2019
Brisbane, Australia
This event themed, "Expanding Unconventionals-Making it Happen," will gather regional and global experts, regulators and prominent researchers to share their technical know-how and technology advancements, providing new perspectives in evaluating and optimizing unconventional resources.
9 Dec - 13 Dec 2019
San Francisco, CA, USA
AGU's Fall Meeting is the largest worldwide conference in the geophysical sciences, attracting more than 22,000 Earth and space scientists, educators, students, and other leaders.
13 Jan - 15 Jan 2020
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Founded in 2005, the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) is the flagship multidisciplinary technical event in the Eastern Hemisphere. The scope of the conference programme and associated industry activities address technology and relevant industry issues that challenge industry specialists and management around the world.
3 Feb - 7 Feb 2020
Houston, Texas, USA

NAPE is the oil and gas industry’s marketplace for the buying, selling and trading of prospects and producing properties. NAPE offers you an unparalleled opportunity to meet decision makers in an environment that is fun, energetic and, most of all, serious about getting business done.

Don't miss the SEG course, Machine Learning Techniques for Engineering and Characterization by Siddharth Misra to be held at NAPE Summit.

16 Mar - 19 Mar 2020
For 26 years, the GEO exhibition and conference has been at the forefront of petroleum geoscience. GEO has fast become a next generation energy event, hosting major NOCs, IOCs, manufacturers, technology providers and service companies – all of whom play an active role in the global energy value chain.
23 Mar - 26 Mar 2020
Munich, Germany
The aim of the German Geophysical Society is to increase and disseminate geophysical knowledge in research, teaching, and application.
24 Mar - 27 Mar 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The biennial Offshore Technology Conference Asia (OTC Asia) is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.
24 Mar - 27 Mar 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
GSH Education Week coming soon
SEG and the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) will host Houston Education Week 24–27 March.  Houston Education Week offers three courses including "Full Waveform Inversion" by Mrinal Sen, "Machine Learning Techniques for Engineering and Characterization" by Siddharth Misra, and "Integrated geologic, seismic and reservoir engineering characterization for dual-media simulation in conventional and unconventional fractured reservoirs" by Reinaldo Michelena, Jim Gilman, and Chris 
29 Mar - 2 Apr 2020
Denver, Colorado, USA
SAGEEP is internationally recognized as the leading conference on the practical application of shallow geophysics. It occurs over a 5-day period, with approximately 220 oral and poster presentations, several educational workshops, numerous vendor presentations, and a commercial exhibition. A set of proceedings, comprised of technical papers presented at the conference is distributed. 
20 Apr - 24 Apr 2020
San Juan, Puerto Rico

This highly successful interdisciplinary biennial conference series is the most important international meeting that concentrates on the practical application of karst science. Geologists, engineers, and geographers, who study how and where karst develops and how sinkholes form, interact with engineers and planners, who apply this information to building and maintaining society’s infrastructure while protecting our environment.

4 May - 7 May 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
OTC showcases leading-edge technology for offshore drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is the world's foremost event where professionals meet to share technical advances, safety, environmentally focused solutions, and economic and regulatory impacts to advance the development of the offshore energy sector. 
18 May - 23 May 2020
Hefei, China
International Geosciences Student Conference (IGSC)  coming soon
IGSC is a platform where students from various geoscience backgrounds can come together to exchange ideas, present their research, and enhance knowledge. This year's theme is "Opportunities and Challenges for a New Generation of Geoscientists."
7 Jun - 10 Jun 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
ACE continues as one of the most prestigious events for the geosciences community with a tradition of delivering an exceptionally strong, juried technical program, state-of-the-art technology displays and networking activities that create a dependable, fun and valuable business forum. Founded over a century ago, AAPG was built upon the expertise and knowledge of many of the world’s most prominent and successful geoscientists.
24 Jun - 27 Jun 2020
Monterrey, Mexico
The Mexican Petroleum Congress (Congreso Mexicano del Petrόleo, CMP) is Mexico's biggest oil and gas event and one the biggest in Latin America, with major oil companies from all over the world attending. At the show, companies host exhibitions, and important conferences showcase the oil and gas market and operations in Mexico.
20 Jul - 22 Jul 2020
Austin, Texas, USA
URTeC unites the disciplines by bringing together the entire asset team together under one roof to connect on all things unconventional.
12 Aug - 13 Aug 2020
Houston, Texas, USA
More intimate than the annual NAPE Summit, the regionally focused Summer NAPE is a must-attend event to network with the people and players who have firsthand knowledge of the opportunities and prospects. 
We don't currently have any events scheduled in this region. But you can work with SEG to organize an event.

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