2018 SEG Rock Physics and Digital Rock Applications Workshop

20–23 May 2018 | Beijing, China


20–23 May 2018
Beijing, China

2018 SEG Rock Physics and Digital Rock Applications Workshop

Since the beginning of the 21st century, research topics and methods for oil and gas rock physics/ petrophysics have undergone significant changes. In pursuit of integrated and efficient exploration and development of unconventional resources (such as shale oil and gas, tight oil and gas), rock physics research has focused on the micro-pore structure of inorganic pores and organic matter, non-Newtonian flow, fracturing monitoring, mechanisms of micro-fracture network formation and characterization methods, and mechanisms of enhanced oil/gas recovery and applications. Based on the methods of digital rock and mineral composition characterization, fast numerical simulation, and big data and machine learning as new tools, rock physics research is now moving to the directions of microscopic, dynamic, nonlinear, multi-scale, and multi-source data fusion.

This workshop will highlight new ideas that are taking place in rock physics, focusing on unconventional oil/gas and new tools for micro-nano digital rock while discussing new methods, new theories, and new techniques that could be game-changers in the fields of rock physics for unconventional hydrocarbon accumulation, seismic reservoir prediction, logging formation evaluation, drilling and completion engineering, fracture network formation mechanism and monitoring, and more.

The workshop will feature world-class keynote presentations (such as Dr. Dirk Smit of Shell and Professor Dave Weitz of Harvard, etc), discussions, and brainstorming to further enhance the exchange among participants in the fast-advancing field of rock physics.

We look forward to your participation and contribution.

We invite abstracts for the following topics from 1 Jan 2018:

  1. Digital rock methods and applications (lab- and field-scale)
  2. Seismic rock physics
  3. Petrophysics for well logging formation evaluation
  4. Rock physics in drilling and well completion
  5. Fracture characterization experiments and methods


SEG China


China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
Harvard-CUPB Joint Laboratory

Technical Program

Abstracts Format & Submission

The abstract should be no more than four pages and should strictly comply with the SEG standard Expanded Abstract Template. The abstract should be written in English and submitted in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The submission deadline is 19 March 2018 and all abstracts will be submitted to SEG China.

Workshop Format

This event will be comprised by oral and poster sessions for accepted abstracts. Meanwhile the sponsorship is still available for enterprises.

Meeting Schedule

20 May
Onsite registration

21 May
Technical sessions

22 May
Technical sessions

23 May
Technical sessions and workshop concludes

Technical Committee

Technical Co-chairs

LiZhi Xiao, China University of Petroleum
YiQiao Song, Schlumberger-Doll Research

Technical Committee Members

Christoph Arns, UNSW
Martin Blunt, Imperial College
Yaniv Edery, Harvard University
Xudong Jing, Shell
Ravinath Kausik, Schlumberger-Doll
Yang Liu, China University of Petroleum
Weitao Sun, Tsinghua University
Carlos Torres-Verdin, UT Austin
Hua Wang, MIT
Ye Xu, Beihang University
Zhifang Yang, PetroChina
Dongxiao Zhang, Peking University

Invited Speakers

Amos Nur, Stanford University
Bangliu Zhao, CNPC
Christoph Arns, The University of New South Wales
David Weitz, Harvard University
Dehua Han, University of Houston
Dirk Smit, Shell
Dongxiao Zhang, Peking University
Martin Blunt, Imperial College London
Matthias Appel, Shell
Nikolay Evseev, Schlumberger Moscow Research
Ravinath Kausik, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Xudong Jing, Shell

Organizing Committee

Xiaohong Chen, China University of Petroleum
Tianyue Hu, Peking University
Jianhua Geng, Tongji University
Hu Dong, iRock
Maojin Tan, China University of Geosciences, Beijing
Weibo Sui, China University of Petroleum
Langqiu Sun, China University of Petroleum
Gengyang Tang, China University of Petroleum
Guangzhi Liao, China University of Petroleum
Wenzheng Yue, China University of Petroleum
Shouceng Tian, China University of Petroleum
Yujun Feng, Sichuan University

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding with the Workshop, please contact: 

SEG China
Tel: +86 10 5820 5048

Important Dates

Call for Abstracts
Closed 19 March 2018

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