Nominate an SEG Lecturer

Each year, SEG Distinguished Lecture Committee accepts nominations for Distinguished and Honorary Lectures.  


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Keep in mind that topics should be fresh and balanced in practice and theory. The nominee should be a member of SEG*, an outstanding communicator, and able to devote time to the lecture tour. Multiple nominations for the same individual is discouraged, and does not provide an advantage to the nominee.

Distinguished Lecture

This program honors outstanding individuals noted for high-caliber work in their contributions to geophysics on an international level, and who are outstanding communicators of ideas and concepts. The topic should be of global interest.

Learn more about this program and view past lecturers

Honorary Lecture

This program focuses on transfer of knowledge within a region, recognizes prominent geophysicists, and strengthens the services that SEG provides to an expanding global membership. The topic should be of interest to the following regions in which the Honorary Lecturer is assigned: Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, North America, Pacific South, and South & East Asia.

Learn more about this program and view past lecturers

Virtual Near Surface Lecture

The Virtual Near Surface Global Lecturer, a program recently initiated by SEG's Board, will give a couple of live, virtual lectures to be viewed globally on a near surface topic.

Lecture Program Goals

The common goals of SEG lecture programs are to:

  1. Recognize an individual’s contributions to advancing the science and technology of geophysics.
  2. Disseminate discipline knowledge via speaking tours of SEG Sections, including Associated Societies and Student Chapters, and other venues as appropriate.
  3. Foster a sense of community amongst geophysicists by providing opportunities for local meetings and exchange of ideas.
  4. Encourage students by providing the opportunity to discuss scientific and career issues with a leading expert.

To make a nomination, please complete and submit the nomination form of your choice. Nominators should discreetly query the potential candidate for interest, topic, and availability. 

*A person who is a nonmember can be nominated, but they must join the SEG if selected.

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