SEG-GSH 2020 Education Week
SEG-GSH 2020 Education Week

SEG and the Geophysical Society of Houston team up for this incredible learning opportunity!

Lunch is included with registration!

24–27 March 2020
Norris Conference Center/Westchase
Houston, Texas USA

The SEG-GSH 2020 Education Week in Houston will provide attendees with the latest technical developments in full waveform inversion, seismic interpretation, and machine learning techniques. Courses provide 1.5 continuing education credits.

Full Waveform Inversion

24 - 25 Mar 2020

By: Mrinal K. Sen


This course is designed for technical personnel of the oil and gas industry who are engaged or expected to be involved in seismic imaging, accurate velocity analysis and interpretation. Seismic Inversion plays an important role in building reservoir models by integration of different data types.

Seismic Migration/Imaging

Integrated geologic, seismic, geomechanics, and reservoir engineering characterization and flow simulation in fractured reservoirs

26 - 27 Mar 2020

By: Reinaldo Michelena, Chris Zahm, and James R. Gilman


This course examines datasets from both conventional and unconventional systems and present workflows to construct naturally-fractured reservoir models. Particular attention will be given to the use and calibration of a variety of 3D seismic attributes which are critical to our characterization efforts.

Cross-Discipline Relevant to Geophysics, Quantitative Seismic Interpretation/Applications, Seismic Interpretation Techniques, Seismic Wave Propagation/Rock Physics

Machine Learning Techniques for Engineering and Characterization

26 - 27 Mar 2020

By: Sid Misra


In this course, the participants get access to codes and algorithms in python/tensorflow and they apply these software tools on various types of the data. It is a hands-on course that allows participants to learn by assembling various programming modules to design interesting implementations of machine learning.

Borehole and Non-Seismic Geophysics, Cross-Discipline Relevant to Geophysics, Seismic Processing Techniques

Ed Week

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