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The SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC) is an eight-hour, one-day short course on a topic of current and wide-spread interest. The SEG DISC is presented at over 25 locations each year around the world.

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Upcoming DISC

Mark E. Willis

Mark Willis

Distributed acoustic sensing for seismic measurements – what geophysicists and engineers need to know

2022-2023 DISC

This course is designed to build an intuition and understanding of the value, limitations, and applications of DAS seismic technology. In addition to the lecture and accompanying book, software will be provided which will allow the student to interactively explore DAS seismic technology.


Current DISC

Joe Dellinger

Joe Dellinger

Forensic data processing

2022 DISC

The goal of this course is to get you thinking more critically about your data: how was it recorded, what is in it, and what happened to it on the way from the field to numbers in a file. It should give you the basic concepts you need to wring more from your data by teaching you how to analyze your data quantitatively, like a scientist or engineer performing a forensic investigation.


Upcoming Dates

04 May 2023
SBGF, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
23 May 2023
Chevron, Houston, Texas, USA
02 Jun 2023
Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

DISC Archive

Learn more about previous Distinguished Instructors and order course book, course recording, or course DVD for select past courses.

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