Please consider investing in the SEG Foundation. Your contribution makes it possible for our committed SEG staff and volunteers to promote, support, and expand these programs in service to our science, our members, and our global society.

What’s the difference between an endowment and a non-endowed gift?

Funds are to be invested and the earnings are to be spent according to the board designated annual spending rate.

Funds are to be used for operating and programmatic expenditures and are received with the intent of being spent within twelve to twenty-four months of receipt.

Development Reinvestiment Fee

In accordance with SEG Foundation policy, a Development Reinvestment Fee of 5% is assessed on donations of $500 or more to a restricted fund. This fee is used to support Foundation expenses associated with donor stewardship and fundraising. The entire donated amount, including the Development Reinvestment Fee, is considered a charitable donation to the SEG Foundation. Thank you!