SEG Claims Policy for print journals

If you are currently subscribed to Geophysics, The Leading Edge, or Interpretation but have not received your copies in the mail, you can file a claim according to SEG's claims policy.

SEG shall fulfill claims for missing issues of its print journals on the following basis:

  • For Institutional claims, contact [email protected]
  • To be eligible for fulfillment processing, claims must be submitted in a timely manner (within 90 days after the issue’s mail date if fulfillment is to a subscriber in the United States, and within 120 days after the issue’s mail date if fulfillment is to a subscriber elsewhere in the world). Please allow 4–6 weeks for delivery outside the United States. 
  • All applicable member dues and/or subscription fees must have been paid to SEG in full prior to the beginning of print and mailing process for issues claimed. 
  • Subscribers are responsible for keeping their addresses up to date. Claims based on incorrect addresses in SEG records shall not be fulfilled. To update your address, visit
  • SEG does not prorate member subscriptions and fulfills back issues of Geophysics, Interpretation, and The Leading Edge for a member subscriber joining or renewing midyear contingent upon availability and payment of shipping costs by the member. 
  • Contact [email protected] for details on purchasing back issues.
  • SEG reserves the right to modify this policy from time to time without notice.

For questions, contact Member Engagement at [email protected].


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