SEG Claims Policy for print journals

If you are currently subscribed to Geophysics, The Leading Edge, or Interpretation but have not received your copies in the mail, you can file a claim according to SEG's claims policy.

SEG shall fulfill claims for missing issues of its print journals on the following basis:

  • For Institutional claims, contact
  • To be eligible for fulfillment processing, claims must be submitted in a timely manner (within 90 days after the issue’s mail date if fulfillment is to a subscriber in the United States, and within 120 days after the issue’s mail date if fulfillment is to a subscriber elsewhere in the world). Please allow 4–6 weeks for delivery outside the United States. 
  • All applicable member dues and/or subscription fees must have been paid to SEG in full prior to the beginning of print and mailing process for issues claimed. 
  • Subscribers are responsible for keeping their addresses up to date. Claims based on incorrect addresses in SEG records shall not be fulfilled. To update your address, visit
  • SEG does not fulfill back issues of journals for a member subscriber joining or renewing midyear and does not prorate member subscriptions. 
  • Back issues of journals are available for purchase through the SEG Book Mart at applicable member or list prices for single issues, subject to availability. Purchasers are responsible for all shipping and customs fees. 
  • SEG reserves the right to modify this policy from time to time without notice.

For questions, contact Constituent Engagement at


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