Spectral decomposition methods comparison and application in fluvial environments

1 March | 11:00 AM (CST)

Spectral decomposition is part of the geophysical workflows for 3D seismic data interpretation. Discrete frequencies that correspond to the spectral signature of a fluvial channel can be extracted. Their visualization in a RGB (Red, Green, Blue) viewer enhances the characteristic element that composes it.

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Speaker Bio

Loeiza Gicquel

Loeiza Gicquel has a master’s degree in Geosciences from the French national school of Geology (ENSG Nancy). She started as a geoscientist at Eliis in the Brazilian office based in Rio de Janeiro and recently joined the European team. She has been providing support for the South American petroleum companies. That allows her to interact with geoscientists all over the world, which is a fantastic experience and a source of learning.