SEG | SPWLA Symposium: Seismic Petrophysics


6–8 October 2024
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Workshop Introduction

Seismic Petrophysics is a specialized interdisciplinary branch that links the petrophysical attributes of the reservoir with seismic data. In quantitative seismic interpretation, it makes the seismic data interpretation more robust by incorporating the rock physics principles with petrophysical attributes of the reservoir such as lithology, porosity, water saturation and other critical parameters of reservoir. Yet, it frequently operates in the shadow of its counterparts, overshadowed by the allure of seismic imaging and petrophysical analysis in isolation. This often-underappreciated field plays a vital role in optimizing reservoir characterization, making it high time we recognize its significance and give it the attention it rightfully deserves.

Workshop Overview

This workshop aims to empower participants with the knowledge and tools needed to bridge the gap between these two crucial aspects of the oil and gas industry, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals, geoscientists, and engineers. It will provide a platform for open and extended discussions on current practices, future development and advancements in Seismic Petrophysics.

Workshop Objectives

The objective of this workshop is to promote the importance of Seismic Petrophysics among the geoscience community. It will provide a platform for open and extended discussions on current practices, future development and advancements in Seismic Petrophysics.

Technical Committee

Committee Chair: Muhammad Ashfaq, Saudi Aramco
Committee Co-Chair: Iulian Hulea, Shell

  • Ahmed Abouzaid, Baker Hughes
  • Ahmed Hafez, Halliburton
  • Amjed Mohammed, KFUPM
  • Faisal Enezi, Saudi Aramo – RDS
  • Jennifer Duarte, Geoactive
  • Manika Prasad, CSM
  • Marie Van Steene, SLB
  • Prakash Ranjan, SLB
  • Rafeal Celma, ADNOC
  • S. Mark Ma, Saudi Aramco
  • Shaima Al-Asfour, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
  • Sultan Shoaibi, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)


Priya Singh
SEG Middle East
Telephone: +971529264427
Email: [email protected]


Who should attend?

This workshop will be of significant interest to:

  • Petrophysicists
  • Rock Physicists
  • Geophysicists
  • Data Scientists
  • Geologists
  • Geomodelers
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Researchers/ Students

Call for Abstracts

Technical topics include but are not limited to:

  • Advancements in Acoustics Technology and Applications
    • Laboratory core studies
    • New Acquisition, processing & interpretation techniques
    • Advanced processing, anisotropy
    • Geomechanical applications and advancements.
    • Geosteering applications
  • Petrophysical Modeling Techniques
    • Petrophysical modeling for conventional & unconventional reservoirs
    • Petrophysical applications of acoustic technology
    • Case studies demonstrating the impact of petrophysical modeling
  • Data Conditioning & Feasibility
    • Rock Physics based data conditioning.
    • Automation in log data conditioning
  • Rock Physics and Advanced Quantitative Analysis
    • Investigating seismic attributes using Rock Physics principles
    • Elastic facies modeling
    • Seismic Inversion techniques and applications
  • Integrated studies
    • Integration of scale dependent acoustic measurements
    • Ultrasonic, sonic, VSP to surface seismic
  • Digital Transformation
    • Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Seismic Petrophysics
  • Role of Seismic Petrophysics in Energy Transition
    • Techniques and strategies of CO2 sequestration & utilization
    • Exploration & utilization of geothermal energy sources
    • Hydrogen Storage

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Important Dates

Call for Abstracts closes: 
14 June 2024