Resilience and career development in a dynamic industry

A career in the energy industry means being resilient, having perseverance, being adaptable, and willing to learn all the time. The energy business is constantly changing and evolving to new areas, whether it is driven by the economy and commodity demand, public policy as it relates to climate change, or public perception of the industry. Being a resilient person who can overcome challenges and setbacks can be difficult, but perseverance, proactivity, and being patient at the same time can help withstand the storms. The geopolitical uncertainty currently is the main factor influencing the global outlook. Similarly, the world we live in is always changing, which includes changing the way people consume energy. That means responding to climate change with innovative solutions such as wind energy, solar energy, Carbon Capture, and other methods where a geoscientists expertise and knowledge of the subsurface is important. Finally, because of the evergreen nature of the energy industry, there is always something new to learn. Finding a mentor and continuing your education will help you adapt, change, and remain relevant in the industry.

In this webinar, Kristin and Adriana will explain how they have applied some skills that have been key to adapting to this roller coaster energy world that we live in.

Speaker Bios

Adriana Solà

Adriana believes wholeheartedly in a bright future for the energy industry. Starting in the geotechnical world, she quickly moved into the oil and gas industry with a career that has spanned over 20 years. Adriana has steadily worked her way around the globe, currently working at PGS looking after sales and services in the Latin America and Caribbean region after spending almost 10 years in Asia Pacific, conducting new business, predominantly in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Prior to that, Adriana’s focus was on a new venture business in West Africa. and started out in the seismic industry as an offshore geophysicist.

Adriana holds a MSc in natural materials, a BSc in applied geoscience engineering from the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse France, and a BSc. in geology from the University of Barcelona, Spain.

Adriana completed a MSc in Renewables during the pandemic, which allowed her to take on the additional role for PGS New Energy business for the region. She has also found a passion for coaching and mentoring young ladies in their career development within the industry and the acute need to continue to promote the energy space as a fruitful career prospect.

Outside of work, Adriana loves traveling and the activities that home brings, namely cooking and gardening. She has two boys who seem to have an endless source of renewable energy to keep her busy.

Kristin Walker

Kristin had no intention of working in the oil and gas industry, but after an internship at Anadarko, she fell in love with it and has been in the industry for 13 years and counting. The vast amount of data— the ability to make a real impact on the world around her—and the ability to learn and grow in this business is very fulfilling. Kristin began her career at Anadarko, where she worked in a variety of roles from geological technology doing petroleum systems modelling for New Ventures assets worldwide, to onshore development drilling Marcellus and Eaglebine wells. After Anadarko, she worked at BHP in the Gulf of Mexico Exploration and is currently a senior geoscientist at W&T. Being exposed to both development and exploration means, Kristin has a well-rounded view of what one needs to succeed in finding and producing energy for the world. At the same time, climate change and being good stewards of our environment has come to the forefront of our business in the last decade. Being part of the energy transition is very exciting since we get to see the beginnings of a new era with renewables and CCS.

Kristin received her undergraduate degree from the University of Mary Washington in Geology, and then went on to receive her Masters in geological sciences form the University of North Carolina.

In her spare time, Kristin has a passion for giving back to her community. She owns a garden plot through Interfaith’s Veggie Village, where she grows organic vegetables that are donated to those who are food insecure through Interfaith’s pantry. She, her husband, and her children work in their garden to plant, grow, and harvest fresh veggies each season. Over the last 10 years, Veggie Village has donated more than 41,000 pounds of fresh vegetables to those in need.