On the promising future of OBN seismic technology

In 2023, Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) surveys have gained significant traction, comprising approximately 35% of the total seismic acquisition market. This remarkable growth reflects the expanding applications and innovations of OBN technology beyond its traditional role in oil and gas production. OBN surveys are now unlocking new hydrocarbon exploration opportunities, extending the lifespan of mature basins and their infrastructure, and even contributing to the development of monitoring strategies for Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) initiatives.

Join Adriana Citlali Ramirez, TGS’s chief geophysicist and technology advisor, to explore the status and promising future of OBN seismic technology. With its potential to enhance subsurface understanding, exploration success rates, and data-driven business decisions, OBN seismic technology stands as a crucial component of the energy industry’s future.

Speaker Bio

Adriana Ramirez is a Mexican citizen who has a PhD in physics. She is TGS’s chief geophysicist, and technology advisor, and head of Quality Assurance for Eastern Hemisphere. She has co-authored four patents and more than 50 technical publications. She volunteers at SEG and EAGE in different roles. She is the chair of DISC and past-Chair of the Board of Directors of SEAM.