Investigating Data for Rock Physics Analysis

We will use data from a well log and a laboratory experiment. We play with various ways to make some rock physics assessments. We will announce the data set and their location so that listeners can access the data and work along as the lecture progresses. A lot of the work will be shown in Matlab or in Python.

Speaker Bio

Manika Prasad

Manika Prasad is a Professor of the Petroleum Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines and is a contributing member of the Colorado School of Mines Center for Rock Abuse. Her research interests are multidisciplinary research on rock, sediment and fluid properties, quantitative nano- and microscale characterizations, flow zone mapping, and nondestructive materials characterization. A large part of Manika’s work is on clays, shales, unconsolidated sands, poorly and well consolidated sandstones and chalks, and impedance microstructure in rocks and glasses. Through her teaching and research, she engages the next generation of industry professionals through her own clear understanding of rock physics and perceptive questioning of her students.