Innovating a new way of acquiring land seismic data for CCUS applications

6 December | 7:00 AM Central Time

Uppsala University has pioneered a new way of acquiring reflection seismic data using a dual-element acquisition setup for geological storage of CO2 in Denmark. The setup comprises shortly spaced seismic landstreamer units, 2 m apart, which are digital sensors, and a nodal array setup connected to geophones with 10 m spacing providing longer offsets for deeper imaging purposes. This novel setup replicates what offshore seismic industry would employ for a detailed near-surface and deep exploration using short and long marine landstreamer setups.

The setup was first tested at a well-studied site, Stenlille gas storage, providing high-resolution data and subsurface images showing structural closure of the target reservoir. The pilot survey led to an up-scaling project over Havnsø structures where identical reservoir is expected to provide two potential locations for CO2 storage. This upscaling project, approximately 135 km in length, was completed in the Fall 2022 and results provide unprecedent images of the subsurface down to 3-4.5 km depth including the underlying Zechstein salt domes. Given the success of the 2022 studies, Uppsala University was tasked to employ the method in one of the largest land seismic surveys, approximately 500 km long, to be ever conducted in mainland Denmark across three new CCS potential sites. The acquisition and processing workflow and example results will be presented to illustrate the innovative aspect of the work.


Speaker Bio

Alireza Malehmir

Alireza Malehmir is professor of applied geophysics at Uppsala University-Sweden. He was the PI of the award-winning Smart Exploration project and is a co-PI of FUTURE, a European-South African tech-type mineral exploration collaborative project. He has led several research-industry works in various continents and is known for his hardrock seismic expertise and innovative hardware and how-to solutions. He has (co)authored +130 peer-reviewed journal publications and is incoming editor-in-chief of Geophysical Prospecting. He is an active member of EAGE and SEG. Occasionally, Alireza acts as a consultant, through his Nordic Geophysics startup company, for utilizing innovative seismic imaging solutions for societal applications.