Geophysical Exploration of Geothermal Plays

Geothermal exploration is an integral part of developing geothermal installations. It is the basis for decisions about technologies and a major factor to minimize risk. Exploration is a combination of geological, geophysical, geochemical and other methods. It does, in our definition, not include exploration drilling. This webinar concentrates on the geophysical part. The methods to be applied in an individual situation depend on the local mainly geological conditions. To formulate guidelines those conditions can be classified in ‘geothermal play types’ with a comparable geological setting and as a consequence a comparable demand on exploration technologies.

The webinar presents:

  • Roughly, the classification into geothermal play types.
  • The different geophysical methods available as a tool box.
    Gives recommendations for method use determinations based on play type.

Speaker Bio

Horst Rüter

Prof. Horst Rüter is President of HarbourDom Consulting, Cologne, Germany after 32 years as head of the Geophysics Department of DMT. He nurtured the growth of this organization from a small research group of the German coal mining to one of Germany’s most important private geophysical contractors. During that time he was responsible for more than hundred research projects for international public and commercial agencies, and for the Mining and Oil/gas- industry. He contributed significantly to the development of 3D-seismic methods from 1975 onward. He holds patents on seismic instrumentation and on specific logging instruments. His emphasis has been to integrate geophysical techniques into mining and borehole applications.

Horst holds a Ph.D. from the Ruhr-University in Bochum, where he is a part time professor. He is member of many professional societies and on several editorial boards and professional steering groups. Presently, he serves as Chief Scientist of the German Geothermal Society – Bundesverband Geothermie e.V. (BVG), as board member of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) and as board member of the nternational Gozthermal Association (IGA) and the Geounion – Alfred Wegener Stigtung. Horst is widely published and wrote a textbook in in-seam seismics. He received in 2001 SEG’s Special Commendation Award and 2005 EAGE’s Conrad Schlumberger Award for taking geophysics beyond its boundaries.