Coda Wave Interferometry: Revealing the Information of Multiply Scattered Waves

What do acoustic emissions tell us about fracture initiation and propagation? What are coda waves, and why are they useful? What is seismic interferometry and how is it applied to coda waves? What can a single seismometer tell us about microseismic sources? In this webinar, I will present the basic theory of coda wave interferometry, its diverse application to multi-scale problems, and exciting opportunities to monitor the subsurface and structural materials.

Speaker Bio

Maria-Daphne Mangrioti

I am a Research Associate at the Univ. of Edinburgh, UK currently working on coda-wave interferometry of acoustic emissions. I completed a BA in Geology-Physics/Mathematics at Brown University, an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering, and a PhD in Applied Seismology at Univ. of California at Berkeley. I have worked as an academic researcher and industry consultant for characterization and monitoring in both near-surface and reservoir applications.