Challenges and Rewards of a Technology Company Startup

Starting up a technology company can be a bumpy journey. Starting up a technology company in the conservative oil & gas industry will be a bumpy road!

In this webinar, Peter will share some of his personal experiences of the competition David vs. Goliath and how to make the best out of the regularly limited resources a start-up has access to. Those challenges go beyond technology itself but also include growing a team, becoming an autodidact in marketing concepts or maintaining a healthy and enjoyable work-life balance.

Speaker Bio

Peter Haffinger

As a co-founder of Delft Inversion, a service company specialized in seismic subsurface characterization, Peter Haffinger and the entire team went through a number of challenges when growing a university startup (founded in 2012) into a relatively established scale-up with 10+ colleagues and clients all around the globe.