A Path to a Career in Hydrogeophysics

17 April 2024
8:00 AM (CST)

This webinar series is aimed to give career perspectives from a variety of geophysicists who have experience in hydrogeophysics, and in most cases, other areas of geophysics as well. The webinar series is intended for students, emerging professionals, and anyone interested in geophysics. 

These webinars should be enjoyable for all levels of geophysical expertise and are supported by the SEG Europe Regional Advisory Committee (Europe RAC) and the SEG Near Surface Geophysics Technical Section Hydrogeophysics Subcommittee. 

If you live, study, or work in Europe and would like to join the Europe RAC, please send an email to the host at [email protected] with the subject line: “Join SEG Europe RAC.”

If you’d like to join the SEG NSTS Hydrogeophysics Subcommittee, email [email protected] with the subject line: “Join SEG NSTS Hydrogeophysics Subcommittee.”


Speaker Bio

Klaus Holliger

Klaus Holliger received MSc and PhD degrees in geophysics from ETH Zurich as well as a postgraduate degree in economics from the University of London. After a postdoc at Rice University, he first rejoined ETH Zurich and then moved to a chaired professorship at the University of Lausanne. He also holds adjunct-type professorships at ETH Zurich and Zhejiang University. Klaus received SEG’s Harold Mooney, Frank Frischknecht, and Distinguished Service Awards. He was the 2022 SEG Honorary Lecturer Europe and served as president of the Near Surface Geophysics Section, as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Applied Geophysics, and as co-editor of several books and special issues. Klaus is broadly interested and has been active in a variety of domains including ocean acoustics and lithospheric geophysics. During the past two decades, the primary focus of his research interests has been hydrogeophysics sensu lato.