SEG supports geoscientists worldwide working in resource exploration & development, environmental and engineering applications, government agencies, and academia.

Tulsa Office

The objective of the Society is to promote the science of applied geophysics and the education of geophysicists through publications, professional meetings around the world, and professional development/continuing education.

The day-to-day implementation of the various programs is the primary function of SEG’s staff in the following departments:

Executive Office

Executive Office provides support to the executive office and the Society’s Board of Directors.

Finance and Accounting

SEG Finance and Accounting is responsible for financial and fiscal management aspects of Society’s operations including administrative, business planning, accounting, and budgeting efforts of the organization and its subsidiaries in order to assure compliance with all pertinent regulations and laws within and outside the US.

IT and Facilities

Information Systems and Technology handles SEG’s electronic infrastructure, both internally and with the membership at large, and includes application development, and systems administration.

Publications and Member Services

Publications disseminate information about geophysical research and applications in journals and the SEG Library. SEG also publishes a wide range of books through the SEG Book Mart.

Member Services manages the membership database and provides customer support to ensure that member benefits are provided under the terms of their membership.

Programs, Professional Development, Student and Early Career

The Programs department manages Geoscientists without Borders® (GWB) supporting humanitarian efforts around the world, EVOLVE Pro, and the Near Surface Geophysics Technical Section.

Professional Development is responsible for the logistics for SEG’s renowned instructors that teach courses of broad relevance worldwide.

Student and Early Careers provides programs that support geoscience students with the resources and tools they need for a successful academic and professional career.

Business Development and Expanding Markets

Global Business Development identifies, develops, and supports global initiatives, including SEG business opportunities and areas for expansion.


SEG has partnered with American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) to create a Joint Events Team (JET) to manage the global operations of both societies’ meetings. The JET is responsible for the International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy (IMAGE), Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS), International Conference & Exhibition (ICE), Unconventional Resources & Technology Conference (URTeC), other events, and workshops.

Marketing and Society Outreach

Marketing and Society Outreach is responsible for marketing and graphic arts support to all departments, as well as creating strategies for SEG to attract new members, retain current members, and educate the public on exploration geophysics and SEG’s mission to advance the science.

SEG Foundation

The SEG Foundation is the fundraising arm of SEG and supports activities and grant programs as well as management, reporting, and stewardship services to donors.

SEG Advanced Modeling (SEAM) Corporation

SEAM organizes collaborations among industry, government, and academia to address major industry subsurface challenges. Through numerical modeling and computation, SEAM provides a forum for industry leaders to resolve geophysical problems while advancing subsurface management research and development.

Houston Office
China Office
Middle East Office
Asia Pacific Office

SEG Careers – What We Offer

SEG recognizes that our employees are our greatest resource, and we strive to provide a comprehensive and competitive rewards package to attract and retain our talented staff.

Flexible Work Hours

SEG offers several options to give employees an opportunity to better balance their work commitments with their personal time.

Remote Work

SEG has employees all over the world working remotely from their homes or a regional office.

Great Benefits

From medical, dental, life insurance, disability coverage, flexible spending accounts, and retirement plans – we’ve got you covered.


Tuition Reimbursement is one of our many possible benefits employees can take advantage of as well as a computer assistance program.

*Some benefits are available to US employees only

Interested in a career with SEG?