A group of visionary leaders founded SEG in 1930 to support professionals interested in applied geophysics.

In the decades since, we have secured a prime position as a leading professional society in geophysics with solid and well-earned prestige.

SEG’s long-standing tradition of excellence in education, professional development, new-business generation, and engagement has cultivated a unique community platform that encourages collaboration and thought leadership for the advancement of geophysical science within industry and academia around the world.

The landscape for geophysicists is now changing rapidly. In response, SEG is embarking on a transformation to ensure our members have a home that is relevant to their careers and interests and supportive of their needs, one that gives them the opportunity to network and to learn now and in the future.



May 2021

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) announced their intent to merge. SEG was invited to join this merger, but before deciding, the SEG Board of Directors resolved to look critically at several options going forward.

October 2021

The Strategic Options (SO) Task Force was established and charged with exploring potential scenarios for SEG going forward. The SO Task Force was led by then President-elect Ken Tubman and a small team of geophysicists from academia and industry, both young professionals and seasoned veterans, from a range of disciplines.

That Task Force analyzed internal and market data and engaged a wide range of stakeholders, and members including hiring a 3rd party consultant to conduct small focus groups.

Key messages received from the focus groups:

  1. The desire for a better sense of belonging, connection, and community
  2. Everyone wants to advance their career and grow professionally
  3. Why is this time different?

March 2022

Based on the work of the Strategic Options (SO) Task Force—the Board decided to continue and accelerate the transformation of SEG as an independent organization.

June 2022

SEG’s transformation officially begins with the formation of the SEG Transformation Task Force working on these key areas:

  • Communities
  • Career development
  • Governance
  • Technology
  • Stakeholders
  • Revenue
  • Communications

November 2022

SEG launches its first-ever digital community!

This community is a space to share your passion and expertise in geosciences with others who share your interest. Open to all geoscientists—not just SEG members—users are asking questions, connecting with others, sharing experiences, inspiring others, finding mentors/mentees, and discovery new opportunities.

Join the community here

January 2023

SEG partners with SPE on its machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI)-driven search portal. Members and others will more easily and efficiently be able to locate and utilize relevant technical content, written and recorded, from both SEG and the SPE in a single search.

Visit the portal here

February 2023

SEG joined the Federated Learning Initiative along with founders SPE, the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, Hess, Petrobras, Shell, SLB, and technology partner i2k Connect to plan, design, and create a third-party AI-inferenced/natural language processing (NLP)-based service to recommend open-market individualized learning content to members.

SEG Foundation Alignment Task Force is formed. The goal of the new Task Force is to create better alignment between the SEG and the SEG Foundation to advance the sustainable delivery of value to a broader, more engaged group of stakeholders.

June 2023

SEG launches new website! SEG’s previous website had cumbersome navigation, was outdated, and made it difficult for members to find information. With reduced page count, restructured navigation and clean design, and the latest technology, the new site provides opportunities for other improvements.

SEG will now have the opportunity to envision the design of a volunteer tracking and achievement recognition program that will allow members to maintain an SEG-verified history of their volunteer service, recognition, awards, coursework, and event attendance throughout their time as an SEG member, from student to emeritus. Ideas include the ability to print official SEG certificates of recognition, attendance, and completion on demand and the ability to have, at your option, both a private and public profile showing all of your accomplishments. Look for more information coming soon!

Other Transformation Activities in the Works

Many have expressed a need for more in-person face time with peers, technical experts, and industry professionals, as well as more opportunities for networking within their own peer groups and with future employers. SEG is looking at ways to build on current mentor programs and to facilitate networking locally, globally, in person, and virtually.

We want to facilitate options for your career and job search, so SEG staff is working to make career path information and job opportunities listed on the SEG website more relevant and easier to find. The goal is to provide relevant information for your particular location and discipline.