The SEG Council represents the Sections, Associated Societies, and Technical Sections and Districts of SEG and serves as advisors to the SEG Board of Directors. View the 2023-2024 Council members.

Council Leadership

Allen Bertagne
Chair of the Council
John L. J. Duhault
Vice Chair of the Council

Allen and John assumed their leadership roles after the conclusion of SEG’s 2021 Annual Meeting and will serve until the SEG Annual Meeting in 2024.


Duties of the Chair of the Council

  • The Chair of the Council will serve as a full voting member of the SEG Board of Directors.
  • The Chair of the Council will call the Annual Meeting of the Council and conduct business as stipulated in the SEG Bylaws and requested by the SEG Board of Directors.
  • Communication with the Council is a major function of the Chair. It should be open and widely distributed.
  • The Chair is also responsible to communicate back to the Board of Directors on matters of concern to the Council.
  • The Chair will author a message to the Council timed to arrive shortly after each SEG Board meeting or more frequently as appropriate.
  • The Chair will continuously solicit comments and suggestions from the Council at large.
  • If appropriate, the Chair may wish to poll the Council on a given subject but there should be sufficient time allotted for discussion prior to the poll.
  • The Chair may choose to appoint ad hoc committees to assist him/her or to perform other functions.
  • The Chair will serve on the Nominating Committee of the SEG.

Members of the 2023-2024 SEG Council

The Council consists of Representatives from each Section, Associated Society, Technical Section, and Geographic District.

Members in good standing are represented on the Council by a Geographic District Representative and may also be represented on the Council by Representatives from a Section, Associated Society, or Technical Section of which the Member is a member. However, each Active Member shall be represented by only one Section, Associated Society, or Technical Section as designated by the member.

District Representatives

Note: Terms of District Representatives end on 31 July of the year indicated in parentheses.

Section and Associated Society Representatives