The SEG Council represents the Sections, Associated Societies, and Technical Sections and Districts of SEG and serves as advisors to the SEG Board of Directors. View the 2023-2024 Council members.

Council Leadership

Allen Bertagne
Chair of the Council
John L. J. Duhault
Vice Chair of the Council

Allen and John assumed their leadership roles after the conclusion of SEG’s 2021 Annual Meeting and will serve until the SEG Annual Meeting in 2024.

Council Leadership-Elect

The following individuals will serve as Chair and Vice Chair of the 2024-2027 SEG Council after the conclusion of the 2024 SEG Annual Meeting.

Ge Jin

Chair of the Council

Ge Jin

Chair of the Council

Ge Jin (“Jin”) is an Assistant Professor in the Geophysics Department at Colorado School of Mines (Mines). Before joining Mines in 2019, he worked as a research geophysicist at ConocoPhillips in Houston. He obtained his B.S. and M.S. at Peking University, Beijing, China, and his Ph.D. at Columbia University, New York, USA, all in geophysics.

Jin has been an active member of SEG since 2014 after joining the industry. He has contributed to the community as an author, reviewer, and editor for Geophysics, Interpretation, and The Leading Edge. He has also organized several special issues for these journals. Since 2019, Jin has served on the SEG Research Committee, where he advocates and works towards improving the abstract format, poster, and workshop experience of The International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy (IMAGE). Jin is also part of the Technical Committee of IMAGE and has been responsible for organizing Distributed Acoustic Sensing sections and post-conventional workshops in recent years.

Currently, Jin is a member of the SEG Transformation Task Force, where he is leading efforts to implement an SEG membership achievement tracking system. The system aims to provide online recognition of SEG members for their awards, leadership, and volunteer efforts, with a special focus on younger-generation geophysicists. Additionally, Jin is actively involved in student activities and mentors the student chapter at Mines. Jin was elected as an SEG Council member representing District 3 in 2023, and since then, he has been actively involved in the discussions in the Council meetings and work sessions.

Position Statement:

The SEG Council is the most diversified committee in the organization, with members from every important district around the world. Given the opportunity, while fulfilling the Council’s regular responsibilities, I plan to leverage this platform to focus on two aspects: sustainable development of exploration geophysics and engagement of the younger generation.

The longevity of our Society depends on expanding exploration from oil and gas (while still maintaining a dominant position in this field) to critical minerals that support energy transition, water resources that mitigate the climate challenges, and carbon storage, geothermal, and hydrogen reservoirs for sustainable energy solutions. The diversity of the Council members creates a great platform to exchange ideas and propose solutions to diversify our portfolio.

The younger generation represents the future of the Society, with very different needs compared to their senior peers. I plan to improve the engagement between Council members and their local Student Chapters and establish better communication channels between the younger generation and the SEG leadership.

I hope the Council can further improve its role as the SEG Board of Directors advisory group and influence the SEG Board’s decisions to make SEG a better, younger, and more sustainable Society.

Peter Eick

Vice Chair of the Council

Peter Eick

Vice Chair of the Council

Peter Eick completed his B.S. in Geology at Michigan Technological University. He then attended the University of Utah for his Masters in Geophysics focusing on magnetic susceptibility and borehole logging. Peter’s geophysical career started at Conoco in 1990 as a geophysicist in the Lower-48 and Alaska group doing the usual prospect and play development of early career interpreters. He switched from prospect development to geophysical data acquisitions working domestic to international operations where he worked on onshore and offshore projects ranging from Greenland to New Zealand and from China to Venezuela. Geophysical operations at ConocoPhillips included working in the field on shallow hazards surveys for well placement to gravity/magnetics projects all the way thru 2D, 3D and finally 4D seismic and wellbore seismic. He was promoted to be the Principal Acquisitions Geophysicist and given a broad remit to perform testing and research while on field projects. He is a named inventors on over 75 domestic and 40 international patents. Peter left ConocoPhillips in 2015 to start his own consulting company, Serenity Geophysical Consultants, LLC to focus on seismic acquisitions. As a consultant he has worked on many projects for his clients including being hired by In-Depth Compressive Seismic to help promote their methodology in Compressive Seismic technology.

Peter’s volunteer career includes having been the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH) Treasurer in 2008-2009. During this time, he first became familiar with the SEG Council.  He was later elected to be the GSH President for 2022-2023 and as a result has served on the SEG Council for past three years.

Position Statement 

I have been an SEG Council representative for the past three years and have participated in making the Council more responsive at representing the interests of the membership to the SEG Board. If elected Chair of the Council, I will use my experience and knowledge of the Society as a global organization to be the voice of the SEG Membership. I would like to continue our optional bi-weekly meetings of the Council. I will endeavor to follow the Bylaws and rules as accurately as possible. I will continue to work with the Council to address the question of membership retention. I intend to work toward bringing to the forefront other less numerous geophysical groups like mining, CCS, geothermal, and near surface into the historically petroleum focused SEG. I will continue my efforts to promote and engage younger members of the SEG to participate and become more actively involved in the Society.  Finally, I will continue to promote the SEG as a global organization and have the Council continue to be the Member’s voice in the governance of the SEG.

I would like to thank my opposing colleague for being willing to run for the office. I am confident that we will both contribute to ensuring that the SEG continues as premier professional society for applied geophysics.


Duties of the Chair of the Council

  • The Chair of the Council will serve as a full voting member of the SEG Board of Directors.
  • The Chair of the Council will call the Annual Meeting of the Council and conduct business as stipulated in the SEG Bylaws and requested by the SEG Board of Directors.
  • Communication with the Council is a major function of the Chair. It should be open and widely distributed.
  • The Chair is also responsible to communicate back to the Board of Directors on matters of concern to the Council.
  • The Chair will author a message to the Council timed to arrive shortly after each SEG Board meeting or more frequently as appropriate.
  • The Chair will continuously solicit comments and suggestions from the Council at large.
  • If appropriate, the Chair may wish to poll the Council on a given subject but there should be sufficient time allotted for discussion prior to the poll.
  • The Chair may choose to appoint ad hoc committees to assist him/her or to perform other functions.
  • The Chair will serve on the Nominating Committee of the SEG.

Members of the 2023-2024 SEG Council

The Council consists of Representatives from each Section, Associated Society, Technical Section, and Geographic District.

Members in good standing are represented on the Council by a Geographic District Representative and may also be represented on the Council by Representatives from a Section, Associated Society, or Technical Section of which the Member is a member. However, each Active Member shall be represented by only one Section, Associated Society, or Technical Section as designated by the member.

Council Representatives