Founding members

On 11 March, twenty-nine men and one woman met in Houston at the University Club to found the Society of Economic Geophysicists. Donald C. Barton was elected the first president.

Donald C. Barton
George M. Bevier
J. P. Black
L. W. Blau
L. G. Christie
Douglas M. Collingwood
Henry C. Cortes
Donald M. Davis
Alexander Deussen
Hellmut Dorsch
J. Brian Eby
Norbert Gella
J. E. Gunn

T. I. Harkins
E. Helmer Hedstrom
Otto Heidecke
H. Hlauschek
J. O. Hoard
Arland I. Innes
W. P. Jenny
F. Kaselitz
G. F. Kaufmann
John D. LaTouche
R. W. D. LaTouche
O. C. Lester Jr.

Burton McCollum
Charles Gill Morgan
Dabney E. Petty
O. S. Petty
F. F. Reynolds
Kurt F. Ritzau
E. E. Rosaire
H. W. Rose
Charles M. Ross
Louis A. Scholl Jr.
J. P. Schumacher
A. L. Selig

Stuart Sherar
Harold Shore
Aylwin L. Smith
George Steiner
Elisabeth Stiles
Gerhard Stubbe
O. F. Sundt
John F. Weinzierl
Gerald H. Westby
Paul B. Whitney
John H. Wilson
B. O. Winkler


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