The JEDI Committee, established in 2021, advises the SEG Board of Directors on setting and maintaining justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion goals, strategies, and implementation activities for the Society, its components, and its members and elsewhere within its reach in the world of applied geophysics.

JEDI means SEG is committed to:

Justice: Remove any previous barriers to allow members to fully participate.

Equity: Give equal access to resources and opportunities.

Diversity: Value all voices equally.

Inclusion: Cultivate belonging so all can thrive.


JEDI Committee Objectives

  • Structure guidelines to ensure committees recruit diverse members who will strive to be deliberately mindful of inclusivity and equity as they conduct their committee’s business.
  • Establish criteria for the Society’s various boards and committees to conduct their work, to include, but not limited to the equitable manner in which awardees, lecturers, and leadership positions are nominated and selected.
  • Increase awareness in the value of a diverse workforce.

JEDI Recent Activities

  • Participated in DEI panel at IMAGE ’22. JEDI Committee Chair, Lillian Flakes represented SEG.
  • Committee members are writing articles for a new feature “Geoscientists Around the Globe,” to be published in The Leading Edge.
  • Created social media accounts to engage members.
  • Met with SEG committee chairs to encourage them to increase the diversity of their committees and to collect data on the diversity of committee membership.
  • Provided feedback to the Meetings Review and Planning Committee (MRPC) about ways to improve the Meeting Request Form so that diversity and inclusion will be encouraged and make sure the form’s language is inclusive.